About the Fund

What is the Alumni Legacy Fund?

With your support, we are building an endowed fund that will provide financial assistance for our children of CDS Alumni.

How can I support the Alumni Legacy Fund?

We ask our alumni to donate 1972 in celebration of our founding year for the week of November 19th through November 26th. Place the decimal where you wish - make it $19.72, $197.2 or even $1972. Make it a one-time gift or make it monthly, every dollar helps support our Alumni children.

Our Alumni Legacy Fund Giving Week will last from November 21 through November 28 and our goal is to achieve milestones in increments of $1972. We will announce our total raised at the Alumni Holiday Party on Tuesday, December 19th and hope that you will join us to celebrate the season!

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It will take years to build the Alumni Legacy Fund, but we are extremely excited to dream about providing our first bursary to a deserving alumni child through the Fund.

Thank you for supporting the Alumni Legacy Fund today.

Thank You 2016 Alumni Legacy Fund Donors!

Thank you!

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  3. 80
  4. 70
  5. 60
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Goal Amount $1,972.00
Current $12,503.28
Remaining $0.00
As of Date 12/15/2017
Start Date 11/21/2017
End Date 12/31/2017
Last Year Amount $5,400.00


With the launch of the Alumni Legacy Fund, a number of great questions have been received. So here are some answers! Please continue to send your questions to us at alumni@cds.on.ca.

I didn’t graduate from CDS, would my children qualify?
Yes! As long as you spent one year at CDS, you are considered an Alumni, and your children would be considered Alumni children.

I already have school-age children and the Alumni Legacy Fund won’t be able to provide bursaries soon enough for them. Is there financial aid available right now?
CDS has a long history of providing financial aid, and that won’t stop. The Alumni Legacy Fund will provide a dedicated fund for children of Alumni. However, for right now, Alumni are encouraged to apply to CDS for their children and investigate the many financial aid options that already exist for all grade levels. For students of Senior School age, there are also exceptional opportunities to qualify for up to 4 consecutive years of support through the Eberts Entrance Scholarship and three new scholarships launching this year.

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