Remote Learning FAQs

Junior School - Updated April 27, 2020

List of 30 frequently asked questions.

Middle & Senior School - Updated April 28, 2020

List of 18 frequently asked questions.

  • When will I be able to collect the rest of my child’s belongings?

    Once restrictions are lifted, we will set up a safe system for students to retrieve their remaining belongings. In the meantime, they are safe and sound in the school.
  • Will there be a Final Day Assembly?

    Our Student Council will be working on plans for a virtual Final Assembly to close the school year in our traditional manner.
  • Will there be a Graduation Breakfast?

    We are currently working on a plan that we think will be the next best thing for our young people and their families to celebrate their last official day of school. More details to follow shortly.
  • What about the Lifer Walk?

    As part of our graduation planning, we have included plans for our Lifer students to take their traditional walk revisiting their special memories in the younger years of the school.
  • Will I be able to have my shirt signed?

    Graduating students should keep one of their Senior School shirts safely tucked away until Graduation Day. We have plans in place for you to sign each other's shirts that day.
  • When will Graduation happen?

    We have several plans in draft form for when restrictions are lifted and we can see how things unfold. Rest assured that we will celebrate our wonderful young graduates when the time is right.
  • Will year-end awards be awarded?

    Awards will be presented in the early part of the next academic year.
  • How will we return library books?

    We will establish designated times and drop off. Drop off will be in the Senior School foyer.
  • Will I be able to order my child’s stationery and art kits?

    Stationery kits will be available for purchase online from early May. A pick-up date is yet to be determined.
  • Will there be a 2019/2020 yearbook?

    The 2019/2020 CDS Yearbook will be issued later in the Fall, to allow student editors time to complete the work that they started.
  • How will final grades be determined?

    Our guiding principle is that assessments, including final ones, provide opportunities for students to continue their learning and improve their grades. When determining final grades, teachers will use their best professional judgement to determine a grade that fairly reflects students’ efforts to improve their achievement from the last reporting period in March.
  • Will students’ grades drop if they achieve low results on tests and assignments?

    If students receive some outlying grades during our remote learning phase, they will not experience a significant drop in final grades. However, if they fail to participate in daily lessons or are non-compliant completing assignments/assessments without just cause, they may see lower final grades in your courses. Persevering is essential in these difficult times: students need to participate in daily classes, complete coursework, assignments and assessments; and do their very best to keep learning until the end of the term.
  • Will there be final assessments in all courses?

    The Middle and Senior Schools will not hold final exams this year, nor follow a traditional exam schedule. Instead, we will run a regular day schedule until the end of the year. Many courses will have final assessments during the last stretch of May and into June which may take many forms (projects, independent studies, timed writings, oral interviews, etc.). Some courses, however, may choose not to have final assessments. Please consult with your child’s teachers for specific details on their assessment plans.
  • How do assessments work if my child has an IEP?

    Assessments that are timed will not exceed 50 minutes in length. Students whose IEPs include accommodations for extra time, will have 75 minutes to complete their assessments.
  • Do my children attend classes during the PD Day on Friday, May 15th?

    There are no classes scheduled on this day. All faculty will be engaged in professional development activities on May 15th for the entirety of the day.
  • Will there be June report cards?

    A final report card with subject grades, comments and learning skills will be issued digitally at the end of the year.
  • Will there still be Summer School?

    Our summer program will be fully operational. In an ideal world, the pandemic will have reached a stage that will allow for a cautious return to school with strict social distancing measures in place. If, however, the situation proves to be less than ideal, we will proceed with a remote summer program that offers all of the scheduled course offerings.

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