• October

    Challenging Perceptions of Well-Being: A New Course for Grade 11s

    A global pandemic certainly wasn’t on Mr. Milonas’s radar a year ago when he pitched the idea for a new interdisciplinary course on well-being and happiness for Grade 11s. As CDS’s Head of Physical and Health Education, he had enrolled in an online course titled The Science of Well-being offered through Yale University, and felt strongly that high school students could benefit from what he was learning as well. After sharing this idea with colleagues, they encouraged him to submit it as a course option that fit nicely within the phys-ed, science and humanities curriculum, and would be both interesting for students and exciting for faculty to teach.
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  • Grade 9s Conduct Stream Study in the Back Campus

    Last week, our Grade 9 Green Industries students ventured into at the back of our campus with their Outdoor Education teacher Ms. Wellnhofer and EcoSpark instructors to study the quality of the stream that forms part of the headwaters of the East Humber River and flows all the way down to Lake Ontario. 
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  • The Birthday Book Program

    The Birthday Book Program is a CDS Parent Association initiative designed for both the Junior School and Middle/Senior School Libraries. Parents or other family members are invited to donate books in their child’s honour. By making a donation to the Birthday Book Program, you are supporting our Libraries by ensuring we have the most current available books and resource materials. What a great way to honour your child(ren) on their birthday while supporting the CDS Libraries!
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  • Vaping 2.0: Navigating the Dangers vs. Cool Factor

    Over the past few weeks during Middle School Assembly, Head of Physical and Health Education Mr. Pete Milonas, joined by his colleague Ms. Geneva Winterink, presented the myths and potential health hazards associated with teenage vaping to our Grade 7 & 8 students.
    Initially developed to help adults stop smoking, e-cigarettes and vaporisers like Juuls, the less clunky device often resembling a USB stick, are known to be highly addictive and have found their way into the hands of teens experimenting with nicotine for the first time.
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  • CDS Student Launches E-Learning Database During COVID

    While Sophia Joffe ’21 recalls her switch to remote learning last March as incredibly positive, the then Grade 11 student, was well aware that that wasn’t the case for many other students in her community and around the world with so much news about the struggles taking place in the public school system.
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  • 2018-19 Grade 7 students/Class of 2024 participate in the activities that were the inspiration/impetus for the development of this course.

    Navigating The Digital World: A New Course for Grade 7s This Year

    Jen Weening, Technology Integration Specialist: Middle & Senior Schools
    Our lives and our students’ lives are more online than ever before, especially since March, when “Google Meet” and “remote learning” became regular words in our vocabulary. Even before then, however, the role of technology in students’ academic and personal lives was undeniable, and yet we saw time and time again that although students were regularly immersed in technology and comfortable in the digital environment, they did not naturally have all of the skills they needed to navigate this world successfully. It was in response to this that Mrs. Courtney Taylor and I proposed a new course for Grade 7 students focused on “navigating the digital world”, which would seek to explicitly cover some of the digital skills that students need in order to be both safe and effective when using technology. 
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  • Senior School Fall Academic Award Recipients

    Monday’s virtual Senior School Fall Academic Assembly honoured the academic achievements of Grade 9-11 students during the 2019-2020 school year. Director of Senior School, Ms. Bland announced the students who received academic distinction (an average of 90% or more), Subject Awards and Key Academic Awards, including the Gold Award presented to the student in each class with the highest academic average.
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  • Barclay’s parents, Janice and John Goodrow of Aurora, join him on the ice immediately following Tampa Bay’s win over Dallas (2-0) in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals. Janice and John were invited to join Barclay for the Cup finals in Edmonton after a regimented policy of quarantining and testing before and after leaving Aurora (totaling 21 days). They became part of Barclay and Tampa Bay’s bubble on September 24 and were in the stands to watch Games 4, 5 and 6 and join in the celebration!

    Former CDS Student Captures the Stanley Cup!

    While The Country Day School has had four alumni go on to play in the NHL, including Mike Cammalleri ’99, Victor Mete ’16 and Jakob Chychrun ’16, not until now has a CDS alumni hoisted the Stanley Cup. Barclay Goodrow ’11 became the first to do so after he helped the Tampa Bay Lightning defeat the Dallas Stars in the NHL’s Stanley Cup finals last month.
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  • CDS Walks For Terry Fox

    Last week, the Country Day School held its 29th annual run for Terry Fox in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Terry's Marathon of Hope. For the first time in the School's history, the event took place over two days so as to be mindful of safety and ensure physical distancing.
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  • How One Class Honoured Orange Shirt Day

    Yesterday in Grade 8 Science, Ms. Hunt shared the teachings of the Medicine Wheel from an Anishinaabe cultural perspective. Together, she and her students explored connections to the environment and the water cycle.  
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  • Junior School Aspires to Run 5373km for Terry

    Jennifer Cooper, Ellie Cawfield & Mark Burleigh
    This September, the students of the Junior School have been working hard during PE classes, and running every single day. As distance runners, they have been learning about the importance of setting a “pace” and setting small goals for themselves, each class. They have also been learning about a well known Canadian hero named Terry Fox.
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  • September

    CDS's School Nurse Opens Health & Wellness Centre

    Since her arrival three weeks ago, our new School Nurse, Vanessa Sciammarella, has been proactive and forthright. When she toured potential sites for the new Health & Wellness Centre, she politely inquired as to whether the Business Office was available, as the location was ideally situated, had multiple independent spaces, and more importantly, access to a washroom for her patients.
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  • Introducing Our New Faculty Members

    There are a lot of faculty and staff updates to share with you this year, including 10 new faculty members, summer wedding announcements and internal staffing changes. Details are included in the attached letter from Head of School John Liggett. 
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  • Congratulations Eliza Pasha '22

    Congratulations to Eliza Pasha '22 on being a finalist in the 2020 World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships - an incredible feat for a student who is just entering Grade 11.
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  • SS & MS Schools Launch Year with Virtual Assemblies

    A new first for the Middle and Senior Schools this week was to stream the first two assemblies of the year into the SS and MS classrooms.
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  • CDS Professional Development: August 2020

    Dave Harvey
    This week, all faculty returned to CDS in a mix of remote and onsite professional development activities. First up on Tuesday was a morning of Diversity training.
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  • Introducing Two New Outdoor Classrooms

    We are so fortunate that CDS is situated on the Oak Ridges Moraine, surrounded by natural country acreage and wetlands. While our abundance of natural learning spaces have always been readily accessible, we have never taken them for granted. Now during COVID, we intend to take more advantage than ever, across all grades, by encouraging our teachers to bring their students outdoors to learn and connect as often as possible.
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  • August

    Keeping Our CDS Community Safe

    Watch our "Keeping our Community Safe" video series featuring CDS alumna Kelsey Houston '12, an Infection Control Practitioner with the University Health Network at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto.
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  • Meet our 2020 Portrait of a Graduates

    During the first three weeks of summer, we had an opportunity to sit down with recent graduates Georgie Tsiolis, Sean Song, Isabella Bousada, David Kuntz, Carly Campoli, Jack MacDonald and Billy Tsiolis, to discuss their individual CDS journeys.
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  • July

    CDS Students Receive AP Scholar Accolades

    More than 60 students took the Advanced Placement (AP) exams this past May in a range of subjects and they have now received their scores via the College Board website.
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  • June

    CDS Bee & Apiary Update

    Mme Colucci
    As you may recall, last year’s bee initiative, tended by members of the Sustainability Council, yielded 48 jars of liquid gold and was packaged with our own CDS Honey Project label designed by the Grade 12 Comm Tech class. It was so exciting for our first year’s effort!
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  • CDS Loses a Beloved Teacher and Friend

    Mr. Liggett shared the very sad news earlier this week that Mr. Walter Davison, a beloved CDS teacher for 24 years and former Director of the Middle School, had passed away of natural causes on June 15.
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  • Indulge in Summer Reading

    In Ms. Bland's final Assembly video of the year, she suggested some books for our Senior School students to read over the summer. As an English teacher, summer reading is a great passion of hers, and her recommendations are suited for adult readers too.
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  • Our Grads are Set to Shine

    David Huckvale
    Although they will always be Cyclones, after a graduating year like no other, our intrepid, resilient grads are about to become Buckeyes, Sea-Hawks, Thunderbirds and Golden Gaels, at universities and colleges across Canada and beyond. In total 25 different institutions have made the list of destinations for our GYs, including some traditional favourites and first-timers.
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  • CDS Student Selected to Serve On DECA Executive

    Grade 10 student Marinna Speranza was recently announced as a 2020-2021 Executive Provincial Officer for DECA Ontario. She will be working as the Branding and Communications Officer for the coming year representing the 15,000 DECA members across Ontario. As one of only eight students on the team, this is the first time a CDS student has been chosen.
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  • Talking About Race and Racism

    Dave Harvey, Director of Academics for Middle and Senior Schools
    The alarming and deeply troubling events that continue to unfold in America as a result of the murder of George Floyd are a stark reminder that anti-black racism is not an historical issue relegated to history classes: racism is contemporary and all-too real in countries around the world, including our own.
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  • May

    Celebrate Our Grade 12 Artists at GradX!

    GradX is the Grade 12 Art Exhibition which takes place each May in celebration of the culminating year of students in the art program. The show is a collaboration of art works created by the Grade 12 art class and provides them with an opportunity to display their works to the public.

    Online GradX Gallery
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  • CDS Student Recipient of Beaverbrook Vimy Prize

    CDS Grade 10 student Nicole Damianidis received the exciting news last week that she is a recipient of the 2020 Beaverbrook Vimy Prize. As one of only 16 students to receive this honour from across Canada, France and England this year, Nicole will have the opportunity to participate in an intensive scholarship program and immersive educational program in Belgium and France the summer of 2021.
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  • MS Debating Outcome from the FDT Grand Finals

    Congratulations to Millie Steinmann '25 for placing 2nd in the Junior division of the Fostering Debate Talent Canadian Public Speaking Grand Finals last night and winning a prize of $1000! Ethan Wahba '24 held his own competing in the Senior division (Grades 8-12) and finishing in the Top 10.
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  • CDS Sings O Canada!

    Welcome to CDS’s version of a virtual choir! With much of our community at home, we can often feel isolated from one another. One way to make us feel more connected is through music. Through the magic of virtual choirs, CDS would like your help in creating, participating and continuing our sense of community, offering our own version, ‘CDS Sings!’.
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  • Di Battista Family Delivers Food to Frontline Workers

    Last Thursday, long time CDS family Paula and Anthony Di Battista and their three daughters: Breanna ’20, Niccola ’23 and Ilaria ’25 joined their cousins in preparing, packaging and delivering 320 meals for frontline staff at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto. This hospital holds special significance for their family and this delivery was their way of giving back.
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  • National FDT COVID-19 Public Speaking Competition

    Nine CDS students entered the National Fostering Debate Talent COVID-19 public speaking competition. Students in Grades 4-7 submitted 3-5 minute speeches on the “Heroes of COVID-19”, while students in Grades 8-12 had to write about “Life After COVID”.

    Millie Steinmann's Speech
    Ethan Wahba's Speech
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  • Call For Grade Parents 2020/21

    Are you interested in becoming a Grade Parent for the 2020/21 School Year?
    Grade Parents are an integral part of the community. They assist us in a variety of areas including; communicating messages to their classes from the School and teachers, participating and volunteering with promotion of School Events and assisting in classes when required (Junior School).
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  • Grade 9 Students Perform Medieval Legend

    Ms. Promane and Mr. Zero have done it again, this time with the Grade 9 Music Students!
    Their students had started working on this piece, Medieval Legend, before March Break, but alas, it was not meant to be live and in person. Here is the next best thing, Medieval Legend, presented virually. Kudos to Mr. Zero for his technological wizardry!

    Watch The Full Performance
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  • April

    Peer Tutoring Has Gone Digital!

    Christina Chkarboul '21
    Peer Tutoring student Co-Coordinators Avery Benlolo ‘21 and Christina Chkarboul ‘21, along with Ms. Purdy in the Student Services Centre, are excited to announce that the Peer Tutoring program, which facilitates tutoring pairs between students and allows students in need to receive valuable one-on-one help, has gone digital!
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  • Making Music Together, While Apart

    Inspired by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s rendition of Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring released on March 22, Head of Music Ms. Nancy Promane and Music Associate Mr. Jordan Zero set about figuring out what would be involved in doing something similar, albeit on a slightly smaller scale, with their Grade 11/12 Music students.
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  • CDS's Virtual Coffeehouse on YouTube Premier!

    Last Thursday, we hosted our first-ever virtual Coffeehouse with a special YouTube Premier! All of our families were invited to join in the fun!
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  • Earth Day Video from Mme. Colucci

    “I know that we find ourselves in a precarious and uncertain situation at the moment, but that is exactly where our environment has been for so long. We've all been hearing how pollution has decreased during this crisis, but I think this National Geographic video presents it so well."
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  • CDS Donates 5000 Lab Gloves to Southlake

    On Monday, Brian Jimmerskog, Head of Facilities, delivered our supply of 5000 protective science lab gloves in response to Southlake Regional Health Centre’s PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) drive for donations.
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  • March

    CDS Snowboarding - Golden Again

    Zach Lawton
    The CDS Snowboarding team has grown accustomed to success and expected no different heading into this season. The team saw a change in coaching this year as Ms. Weening was off on maternity leave. Fortunately Mr. Watts, an experienced snowboarder, was asked to step in and help continue the trend on the slopes.
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  • CDS Staff Are Working Remotely Too

    Since last Monday’s announcement that only essential-staff would be allowed in the building, the Community Relations Office has been communicating remotely with our families and alumni, updating the website and database, writing stories, posting on social media, editing video and more!
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  • Covid-19 Update - CDS Closed to April 3rd

    The Provincial Government, based on advice from Dr. David Williams, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, has just called for all publicly funded schools to remain closed for two weeks after the March Break.

    As a precautionary measure, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our community, CDS will follow this same process. The Country Day School will cancel all regular classes and activities from March 23rd to April 3rd inclusive.
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  • Introducing CDS Bus Fleet with Three-Point Seatbelts

    John Liggett
    We are thrilled to announce that as of March 23, The Country Day School will have its own dedicated fleet of nine CDS buses outfitted with three-point seatbelts at every seat. These buses, which will service our morning and afternoon commuter runs, are also equipped with internal cameras. Wherever possible, CDS buses will be used for field trips during the day.
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  • U16 Boys’ Basketball is Back on Top

    Zachary Lawton
    One would have to go back in the record books to see that it’s been since 2008 that the U16 Boys’ Basketball team last won CISAA gold. That all changed on Saturday, February 29 when this year’s team, built on leadership, camaraderie and talent, hosted the CISAA “Final Four” Championship game.
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  • February

    CDS Wins Winter Fulford Team Trophy

    Last Saturday, four CDS students competed at the Winter Fulford Debate held at De La Salle College.
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  • Gord Lytle Fishing Trip

    Anne-Marie Bassi, Captain of the Gord Lytle Fishing Team
    On Sunday, February 23, the Gord Lytle Fishing Team got up bright and early to set out on our second trip as a group. After our first attempt in Orangeville, catching zero fish but ending with a fun barbecue for all our colossal efforts, we were unsure about what was going to happen this time around. We were greeted with warm sunny weather, and were transported across Lake Simcoe to our location on the ice. Within minutes, we had defied the odds - the fishing team had officially caught their first fish! Then our second, third… and the rest was history.
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  • Auction 2020 – Friday, May 29

    This week, you will have received your 2020 Auction Ways to Support Package. The CDS Auction is our largest social event of the year! There are many opportunities to support and participate, and we encourage you to do so as soon as you can.
    • Donate a new item to our Live or Silent Auction
    • Advertise in the Catalogue
    • Make a Cash Donation
    • Sponsor a specific area of need at the event
    • Become a Table Sponsor
    • Purchase Tickets as soon as they go on sale (late March)
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  • CDS Delegates Take On Ivy League MUN Conference

    Christina Chkarboul ’21
    On January 31st, five veteran members of The Country Day School’s Model United Nations club travelled with Ms. Moonan, one of the faculty advisors of the club, to Philadelphia, where University of Pennsylvania students organized the annual Ivy League Model United Nations Conference for high school students.
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  • Embracing The Great Outdoors

    Last month, the Grade 11 Outdoor Ed class embarked on an adventure none will soon forget. Six students accompanied by Mr. MacMillan and Ms. Leacock journeyed north to Espanola, Ont. – 70 km southwest of Sudbury. They were prepared this year, dressed in their woolens from head to toe as last year’s temperatures dipped down to -40C.
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  • MS Sustainability Council Launches Plastic Bag Take Back Initiative

    Have you noticed that no matter how hard you may try to avoid it, you still end up tossing all kinds of plastic into your garbage bin at home? As a matter of fact, Ontarians use seven million plastic bags each day! (York Region site) This could be bread bags, dry cleaning bags, toilet paper/paper towel wrapping, newspaper bags, and even grocery bags from stores that still provide them. This type of plastic cannot be recycled in York Region as it gets tangled up in the machinery, necessitating time-wasting stoppages and costly repairs. So, they are pulled out by sorters and sent to landfill. From there, they can take up to 1,000 years to decompose, during which time they present dangers to the environment, releasing toxins and harming wildlife. This is unacceptable!
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  • Author And Historian To Speak To SS Students

    Senior School students will hear from a special guest at their weekly Assembly on February 18. Gwynne Dyer has worked as a freelance journalist, columnist, broadcaster and lecturer on international affairs for more than 20 years, but he was originally trained as an historian. He received degrees from Canadian, American and British universities, finishing with a Ph.D. in Military and Middle Eastern History from the University of London.
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  • Grade 10s Immerse Themselves in French in Saint-Donat

    Mme Fransen
    As I introduce the Saint-Donat trip to the Grade 10 French students, I stress to them that it is not merely a ski trip, but an immersion experience - one that goes beyond exposure to the French language to also embrace the culture of a small Quebec town in the middle of their favourite season – l’hiver! At each rest stop, the anticipation to reach our final destination grows; the temperature feels a little colder and the offerings at the usual highway restos take on that familiar French twist –oeuf McMuffin, poulet McCroquettes, les frites, and the ever popular poutine. Making the final turn, we approached L’étoile du Nord down a long, winding road lined with snow-laden pines.
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  • CDS captures the Sterling Hall Cup for the first time in five years

    Recent Successes on the Debating Front

    For the first time in five years, CDS took home the Sterling Hall Cup trophy for the best school at this Middle School debate tournament earlier this month.
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  • The Rebirth of The Eversley Register

    Christina Chkarboul '21
    It is with great fervour and thrill that I write that The Eversley Register, the former staple of student civic engagement and journalism at The Country Day School, is being brought back into existence through the extensive efforts of dedicated students and staff supervisors.
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  • 39 Steps - Tickets On Sale Today!

    Take an Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece, blend it with a juicy spy novel, then add a healthy dollop of Monty Python, and voila! You have a fast-paced, action-packed, whodunit mystery, and a performance that captures the magic of theatre. Loaded with nonstop laughs, outlandish characters, missing fingers, a plane crash, handcuffs, and some good old-fashioned tomfoolery, this will be an experience not to be missed.
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  • CDS Striker Sets Her Sights on Canadian National Team

    Story by Zach Lawton
    Grade 9 student and centre forward for Markham Soccer Club, Madison Mariani knows what she wants out of soccer and has a plan to get there. The natural goal scorer is not coy about her ambitions. Her tough and disciplined nature has set her on a path to follow another Country Day School alumna to the Women’s National Team.
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  • CANCELLED: Today's Open House

    Today’s Open House from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm has been cancelled due to weather conditions. If you would like to schedule a one-on-one tour in the coming weeks, please contact our Admission Office at 905.883.1220 x225 or

    Otherwise, please join us at our special day/evening Open House on Thursday, February 20th. Thank you!
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  • January

    Be A Part of World Read Aloud Day!

    World Read Aloud Day is an event that promotes worldwide literacy for children of all ages. To date, it is recognized by schools in 127 countries and these numbers continue to grow.
    This year, CDS will celebrate World Read Aloud Day on Friday, February 7th between 2:30-3:00pm. Junior students will be paired with Senior students and classes will meet in pre-determined locations to read aloud together. Junior School students are encouraged to have a favourite book (or two or three) to read with their partner. Books may come from home, the class collection or the library.
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  • Grade 10 Art Students Visit The Royal Ontario Museum

    Last week, the Grade 10 art class travelled to the Royal Ontario Museum to experience the artifacts and artworks of the ancient Egyptian and Greek cultures firsthand.
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  • Grade 2 Student Captures Her Interpretation of the Junior School

    Last fall, Amy Lin in 2W noticed that there seemed to be plenty of pictures of the new CDS Senior School, but not nearly as many of her beloved Junior School. She therefore took it upon herself to create her own interpretation of this original part of her school to present to Mrs. Wildberger.
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  • Middle School Hosts Friendly Debating Invitational

    Zachary Fanni
    Last Thursday, CDS hosted its annual Middle School Debate Tournament and were joined by debaters from Pickering, Ridley and Villanova.
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  • Auction 2020 Kick Off on February 3rd

    Are you interested in volunteering for Auction 2020, or would you like to find out more about this 47-year annual CDS tradition? Here is your chance!
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  • Barrie Bus ONLY Cancelled Today

    The CDS Barrie Bus is cancelled for today. However, school is open and all other buses are running. Due to the inclement weather, those buses may be delayed in your region.

    To check on the status of your child(ren)’s bus, please contact the appropriate dispatch number on our Inclement Weather page. Please use your discretion in getting your child safely to school today. Thank you.
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  • Buses are Running Today

    School is open today and buses are running. However, due to the inclement weather, buses may be delayed in your region. To check on the status of your child’s bus, please contact the appropriate dispatch number on our Inclement Weather page. Please use your discretion in getting your child safely to school today. Thank you.
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  • Integrate MyCDS Calendars to your Mobile Device

    Watch our new MyCDS Video Tutorial on how to sync your student's MyCDS calendar to your Apple or Android device, as well as your individual e-mail client like Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange/Office.
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  • Online Re-Enrolment is Coming Soon

    A natural focus for the Office of Admissions is to look ahead toward the upcoming academic year. From Open House events to admission interviews, interest in joining the CDS community has never been stronger.
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  • CDS Summer Camp

    In 2020, we will be launching our eighth year of CDS Summer Camp! You will notice a small change this year in the registration process as campers will now be registered by grade (grade completed as of June 2020) rather than age.
    Beginning the third week of June, CDS Summer Camp will feature a number of programs that are back by popular demand:
    • Art Camp (Grades 3 to 8)
    • Day Trippers Camp (Grades 6 to 8)
    • MindBusters Camp (Grades 3 to 8)
    • Multi-Sports program (SK to Grade 8)
    • Robotics Camp (Grades 3 to 8)
    • Drama Camp (Grades 3 to 8)
    • Sport Specific Camps i.e. Basketball, Tennis (Grades 3 to 8)
    • Volleyball Camp (Grades 6 to 9)
    • Debate Camp (Through Debate Camp Canada)
    • Leaders in Training (must have completed Grade 9 in June 2020) 
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  • Speaker Series: How To Be Your Best When Parenting Gets Hard

    Research shows when parents can't effectively manage their own emotions or sense of fear, their children have a hard time learning how to do so. Somehow we're expected to know how to navigate difficult conversations and manage emotions without being taught how.
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  • Video Tutorials: myCDS App on Mobile

    Zachary Lawton
    Did you know that the CDS website is mobile compatible and easily viewable from your Smartphone? If you are unsure of how to add our shortcut “app”, watch our new MyCDS Video Tutorial Playlist on how to add the MyCDS icon to your Apple or Android Device homepage.
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  • Grade 8-11 Course Selection Process 2020-21

    It’s hard to believe, but we are beginning to plan for next year already…
    During the first weeks back in January, members of the Student Services and Post-Secondary Counselling teams will be visiting the Grade 8-11 classes to explain the 2020/2021 course selection process to students. During these visits, your child will receive a hard copy of the course selection form, a copy of the 2020/2021 Academic Course Calendar and a letter from the Director of Student Services.
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