Fee Structure

Our structure is that your tuition fee pays for core programs, salaries, facilities, and administrative expenses. On average, families can expect to pay approximately $1,000 to $3,000 in additional expenses per child above and beyond tuition each year. The actual cost per child will vary depending on the child's grade and participation in activities, programs and excursions.

Enrolment Fee Program
A one-time, non-refundable fee of $5,000 per child is payable at the time of enrolment.

Grades JK - 12 Tuition and Payment Options

2023-2024 Tuition $32,450
Capital Building Fund* $1,000

Tuition fees may be paid according to one of the following plans:

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  • PLAN A (savings of $435)

    January 25, 2023$4,200
    May 1, 2023$28,815
  • PLAN B

    January 25, 2023$4,200
    May 1, 2023$9,500
    August 1, 2023$8,500
    November 1, 2023$8,500
    January 1, 2024$2,750
  • PLAN C (premium of $500)

    January 25, 2023$4,200
    10 instalments of $2,975 from April 1, 2023 to January 1, 2024$29,750
As of September 2022, CDS will require that all students be vaccinated against COVID-19. Our mandatory vaccine policy is integral to our ongoing commitment to keep our community safe.

Other Expenses

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  • School Uniforms

    The complete uniform (excluding shoes) can be purchased on site at The General Store. In the first year, the uniform bill per child will average $950 for Middle and Senior School students and $600 for Junior School students. The uniform expense for the following years will average between $200 and $400 depending upon the child’s growth pattern. There are a number of opportunities throughout the year to purchase used uniform items at the parent volunteer-run Pre-Owned Uniform Sales.
  • Books

    For Middle and Senior School students, books are purchased online and can be resold at the end of the school year, depending on the condition of the book and whether or not it is being used next year. The average expense is $500 per student. In the Junior School, books are organized by classroom teachers and book-related expenses average $150 per year per student.
  • Musical Instruments

    Students in Grades 5 through 8 participate in the music program. There is a nominal rental fee for the instrument that they choose to play, based on their interests and talents. Instruments are rented through St. John's Music and the rental fee for the year is approximately $200 per student.
  • Required Field Trips

    There are a number of field trips in each grade which contribute to the child's development. Families can use the following figures as a budget guideline for these required trips:

    JK-SK         $100 per year
    Grade 1-4   $200 per year
    Grade 5-6   $500 per year*
    Grade 7-8   $800 per year**
    Grade 9-11 $200 per year
    Grade 12    $500 per year***

    *    Includes Glen Bernard Camp and Queen's Science Camp
    **  Includes Quebec and Ottawa Trips
    ***Includes GY University Trip

Optional Expenses

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  • Term Athletic Fees

    Students who participate in the extracurricular athletic program will be charged at the end of each term. The cost (excluding hockey) is an average of $150 per term, per student, which covers the cost of activity-related busing, uniform purchase or rental, and other expenses such as medical coverage, officiating fees and event entry fees. For hockey, the cost is approximately $500 for the winter term and covers the above expenses as well as ice rental fees.
  • Athletic Tournament Fees

    At the beginning of the school year, these tournaments, including the approximate expenses, are published in The Family Handbook. Past tournaments have included: Junior Boys' hockey and basketball, Middle and Senior soccer, hockey, basketball (boys) and rugby. Expenses will vary depending upon location of the tournament and could range from $300 to $1,000.
  • Senior School Overnight Trips

    At the beginning of the school year, these school trips, including the approximate expenses, are published in The Family Handbook. Past trips have included: University Trips, Duke of Edinburgh canoe and dogsledding trips, Music Camp, Washington or New York Social Science and Art trip, St. Donat Grade 10 French trip. The expenses range from $400 to $900 and are optional. Optional international excursions are also offered and are priced accordingly.
  • Daily Bus Transportation

    The School has eight bus routes in York, Halton and Peel Regions and one bus to and from Barrie. The annual expense is $2,350 (full-time rider) and $1,425 (part-time rider) per child for York Region, $3,300 (full-time) and $2,000 (part-time) per child for Barrie. Occasional bus riders pay $11 per ride (one way) for York, Halton and Peel Regions and $15 per ride for the Barrie bus. For more information on our bus routes, please contact Admissions.
  • After Care Program

    The School offers an after school extra-curricular program called Koalas to students in JK-Grade 3 that runs from 3:20-4:30 p.m. Additional care (for Junior School students of any grade) is offered in the After Care Program, Monday to Friday from 4:30-6:00 p.m.

    The cost of Koalas is $9.00 per day and After Care is $13.50 per day. Parents who wish to utilize Koalas and/or After Care services may reserve a space in advance or simply notify the Junior School Office by noon that day.
  • Stationery Kits

    Stationery kits are optional and are available for purchase in The General Store for your convenience. The average expense is $100 for Grades 2 to 6 and $200 for Grades 7 and 8. The contents of the kits are also on the General Store web page should you choose to build your own kit.

School Information

13415 Dufferin Street King, Ontario L7B 1K5
(905) 833-1220
Founded in 1972, The Country Day School is a co-educational private school offering programs in JK-12 and located on 100 acres north of Toronto in King.