CDS is grateful to our community for choosing to make gifts in support of education. If you are considering making a gift to the School, please contact the Executive Director of Advancement, Brent Johnston, in the Office of Community Relations at (905) 833-1220 ext. 269.

There are many methods by which a gift can be made including cash, stock, life insurance, charitable remainder trust, a gift in kind or a bequest. Please contact us and we can outline the benefits of each giving method and help you to determine which one may best meet your philanthropic objectives for the School.

Outlined below are just some of the options for supporting CDS.

Ways to Support

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  • Annual Fund

    Our CDS Annual Fund is our yearly appeal to our alumni, past parents, grandparents and friends.

    • Tax Receipt for the full amount which can result in tax savings reducing your actual cost of donation. (example: A gift of $1000 - 417.04 Total Tax credit = Actual Cost of donation of only $582.96)
    • Gifts of $1000 or more recognized with membership in the Eversley Circle
    • Listed in the Annual Report
  • Auction

    The CDS Annual Auction is the largest social and fundraising event of the year.

    The Auction raises money through sponsorship, advertising, raffles, tickets, silent and live auction items, and other small fun participation games. Families are asked to donate items for auction, advertise in our event program, purchase event tickets, sponsor a table at a variety of levels, and generally have a great time. All proceeds will support the installation of a traffic light at the main entrance to the School.

    • Profile and Recognition for our leadership families
    • Corporate sponsorship can have marketing and promotion advantages
    • Advertising opportunities to an exclusive community
    • Partial Tax receipt. Depending on the type of participation, a portion of a gift may be eligible to be receipted, according to CRA regulations, but normally the tax benefit will be less than an outright gift. (Event tickets are not receipted)
    • Listed in the Annual Report
  • Gifts of Physical Items/Micro Projects

    CDS has a number of opportunities to support the School while leaving your name engraved on a plaque.

    Currently available items include: Buy-A-Brick in the entrance walkway, purchase a seat in the Performing Arts Centre Theatre, benches, trees and more. We encourage you to contact us if you are interested in this type of gift to the School.
  • Annual Capital Fund

    The Annual Capital Fund is a request for an annual donation of $1,000 or more from our current families in support of capital improvements of the School.

    While tuition covers the day-to-day operations, the Annual Capital Fund is a way for the School to continue to improve our facilities. This year the Annual Capital Fund will support our Building Magic Campaign.

    • Tax Receipt for the full amount which can result in tax savings reducing your actual cost of donation. (example: A gift of $1000 - 417.04 Total Tax credit = Actual Cost of donation of only $582.96)
    • Gifts of $1000 or more recognized with membership in the Eversley Circle
    • Listed in the Annual Report
  • Endowment

    An endowment is a fund that holds investments in perpetuity as a source of income. It provides an inspirational opportunity for our families to support an area of interest in the School, forever.

    Families can support areas within the School by donating to an existing fund, many named in honour of donors and former members of faculty and staff. Endowment funds provide meaningful support for the School and its community by: diversifying the student population; adding a humanizing touch by extending support to families who have had their circumstances change mid-way through the educational experience; and by helping to fund programs that would otherwise be unaffordable such as hosting visiting experts in academic, artistic and athletic disciplines.

    CDS currently has funds that support scholarships and bursaries, athletics, music, staff development and training, and beautification and green initiatives.
  • Enrolment Levy

    The enrolment levy only applies to parents who first registered a child at CDS between 2001 and 2010.

    There was no enrolment fee prior to 2001 and the fee became non-refundable after 2010. This levy is held in trust and would be eligible for refund when a family's last child leaves the School. Families were required to provide $3,000 for a single child and $5,000 for a family with more than one child. Many families choose to donate this amount rather than wait until the final child departs CDS. Donations of the enrolment levy have helped build our endowment in the past, and this year any donation will be directed to the Building Magic campaign. Currently, CDS has approximately $1 million in levies being held.

    • Fast and easy, families have already paid this fee to CDS to hold in trust
    • Immediate tax benefit in the year that the fee is donated (A $3,000 donation can provide a $1346.24 tax benefit and a $5000 gift can provide a $2273.44 benefit)
    • Potential to make a huge impact on our campaign if all families donate this amount ($1 million)
    • Listed in the Annual Report

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Can I donate monthly to the School?

    Yes, you can create a monthly gift by checking the monthly contribution box on your donation form and providing your credit card information. This is a terrific way to support the school and gain those extra points from your credit card miles programs.
  • If I contribute monthly, am I still able to be a member of the Eversley Circle?

    Yes, if your monthly contribution is a minimum of $84, you will be recognized as a member of the Eversley Circle recognition society.
  • What is an endowment and why is it important?

    An endowment is a fund that holds investments in perpetuity as a source of income. In many cases, endowments are created to fund specific areas for support within a school. Often, donors gifts create named funds that recognize an individual and support an area of personal interest. Endowments are important for institutions because they provide a source of income to sustain scholarships, projects and initiatives into the future and help a school weather the ups and downs of the economy. The Country Day School total endowment is approximately $6 million.
  • How does a family donate to the endowment?

    Families can choose to contribute any amount to an existing CDS endowment in order to support a wide range of areas. CDS’s endowment currently has 15 named Endowed Funds that support a wide range of areas including Scholarship and Bursaries, Athletics, Music, Staff Development and Training and the Environment.
  • How does a family create a named endowment fund?

    In order to create a named endowment fund in support of a specific area or initiative within the school or a scholarship/bursary, a minimum of $25,000 donation or pledge is requested. This can be contributed to over a number of years. To learn more about named endowment donations and opportunities, please contact the Office of Community Relations.
  • Can I donate securities?

    Yes, donations of publicly traded securities are one of the least known but most beneficial ways for a donor to contribute to the school. The Federal government eliminated the capital gains tax on donations of publicly listed securities to public charities in 2006. Securities with the potential for a capital loss also create a potential beneficial tax situation. If you are interested in this type of donation we recommend that you receive profession advice that is tailored to your personal financial and tax situation and contact the School for more information.
  • What is the Eversley Circle and how do I become a member?

    Families that donate a minimum of $1,000 per child will be recognized as members of the Eversley Circle. The Eversley Circle is CDS’ Annual Capital Fund recognition society for parent donors and is named in recognition of the original 1883 Eversley Schoolhouse which is now CDS’ Junior School Library.

Methods of Giving

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  • In Person

    The Advancement Office is always open to discuss and accept your gifts during working hours. The Office is conveniently located down the hallway behind the Niczowski, Temovsky, Arrigo Dining Hall.
  • By Cheque

    Your gift by cheque can be made payable to The Country Day School and mailed or dropped off to: The Country Day School, 13415 Dufferin Street, King, Ontario L7B 1K5.
  • By Credit Card

    At this time, The Country Day School accepts VISA and Mastercard for donations to the school. We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express for our express checkout at our Annual Auction.

    A gift by credit card can be made by calling The Country Day School at (905) 833-1220, or by completing our donation form and faxing the form back at (905) 833-3655.
  • Online Giving

    Online giving to The Country Day School, including a monthly giving option, is available by using the online giving form.
  • Gift of Securities

    A gift of securities may be one of the most popular giving options for many individuals, following the Federal government’s May 2, 2006 budget announcement eliminating the Capital Gains tax on appreciated securities gifted to registered charitable organizations like The Country Day School. This means donors will not be taxed on the capital gains accrued on securities such as shares, bonds, mutual fund units and employee stock options when gifted. Donors receive a receipt for the full current value of the publicly traded security on the close of business on the day of transfer. An illustration of this benefit is provided below.

    Gift Example

    Sell Shares donate the Cash to CDS

    Gift of Shares directly to CDS

    Market Value of Shares



    Original Cost of Shares



    Capital Gain



    Taxable Portion of Capital Gain @ 50%


    $ -

    Tax on Capital Gain @ 46.4%


    $ -




    Real cost of your donation



    A) Donation Receipt



    B) Less: Tax Credit @ 46.4%



    C) Add: Tax on Capital Gain


    $ -




    Cost of Donation (A-B+C)






    Net Tax Savings (A-B-C)

    $3, 272


  • Matching Gifts and United Way Corporate Campaigns

    Many companies match charitable donations made by employees. Check with your employer to see if they will match your donation to The Country Day School and increase the impact your gift will have on the future of our students.

    You can also designate The Country Day School as one of your charities of choice when participating in a United Way corporate campaign. The County Day School’s registered charity number is RN# 119228864 RR0002 and including it on your corporate campaign forms will allow our families to support the United Way and our School.
  • Endowed Gifts

    One of the priorities for The Country Day School’s giving program is to increase the size of our endowment, thereby, increasing the ongoing support for the School in a sustained basis in perpetuity. The principal amount of your gift is invested to generate income in support of the School’s highest needs. Often gifts that are endowed provide support for bursaries or scholarships.

Land Acknowledgment

The Country Day School wishes to recognize and acknowledge the land on which the school operates. Our nearest Indigenous Nations are now the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation and the Chippewas of Georgina Island. The Dish with One Spoon Wampum covenant is often cited as an example of the shared responsibility for caring for these lands among the Huron-Wendat, Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee peoples who would call these their traditional territories. CDS respects the relationship with these lands and recognizes that our connection to this land can be strengthened by our continued relationship with all First Nations, by acknowledging our shared responsibility to respect and care for the land and waters for future generations.

School Information

13415 Dufferin Street King, Ontario L7B 1K5 
(905) 833-1220

Founded in 1972, The Country Day School is a co-educational private school offering programs in JK-12 and located on 100 acres north of Toronto in King.