At The Country Day School, we have a balanced approach to athletics. While sports participation is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged with 70 teams across 24 sports to choose from. Junior and Middle School students often try their hand at several different sports before discovering one or two to pursue in Senior School.

Athletics are considered an integral part of the School's program of education. While we advocate fitness for life, other long-lasting values are established through team sports; chief among them: self-confidence, discipline, grit, sportsmanship and integrity. Our athletic philosophy and curriculum provide experiences that will help students emotionally, mentally, socially and physically.

Our program develops in every athlete the necessary skills to be successful - not only in sports, but also in life.

"Our integrity guides us to act the way we do - and for all of our athletes, playing with integrity results in enriching the experience for themselves and others around them," says CDS Director of Athletics, John Andersen. "It is with integrity that we treat our teammates, respect our coaches and officials, and compete with our opposition." 

Athletes in the News

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  • Gr. 10 Student Commits to D1 Hockey Program

    Zach Lawton
    Teagan Grant is a first year Grade 10 student who has recently committed to the University of Wisconsin on a hockey scholarship. The offensive minded defenseman is a High Performance Phys-Ed student who was also recently invited to a Team Canada Strength and Conditioning Camp
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  • Athlete of the Week - Iain Quayle

    CDS student Iain Quayle is a competitive skier who has enjoyed a great deal of success on the U16 and Can-Am ski tours. After a broken back cut his 2014-2015 season short, the Grade 11 Shanty Bay resident has undergone a miraculous recovery, and is back on the slopes competing in his first year at the FIS (Federation Internationale de Ski) level.
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  • Athlete of the Week - Amanda Malowney

    Amanda Malowney has played her fair share of high-level volleyball over the past five years. The strong power hitter and dynamic player is committed to success as a new student and member of The Country Day School’s U16 Girls’ Volleyball team this year.
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  • Athlete of the Week - Jack Simpson

    Five years ago, Jack Simpson would never have predicted that he would be attending the University of Iowa on a golf scholarship.  The Aurora resident and Beacon Hill Golf Club member had an incredible 2015 season and is a rising star in the Canadian junior golf world.
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  • A Rare Opportunity to Train Like a Raptor

    Last month, 13 members of the CDS Sr. Boys’ Basketball team got to experience something truly unique. Team member, Sam Nixon’s father, Joey, had bid on an opportunity for eight adults to train like pros with Toronto Raptor’s Assistant Coach and Director of Sports Science, Alex McKechnie, on the Air Canada, Raptor’s Practice Court.
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Student Testimonials

Athletic Calendar

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Competitive and Intramural Teams

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  • Competitive Team Sports

    Fall Term Teams
    Co-ed Soccer: U10
    Boys' Soccer: Senior / U16 / U14 / U12 / U11
    Girls' Soccer: Senior / U15 / U12
    Boys' Volleyball: Senior / U16 / U14
    Girls' Basketball: Senior / U16 / U14 / U12
    Co-ed Cross Country: Senior / Middle / Junior

    Winter Term Teams
    Co-ed Basketball: U10
    Boys' Basketball: Senior / U16 / U14 / U12
    Girls' Volleyball: Senior / U16 / U14 / U13 / U12
    Co-ed Hockey: U14 / U12
    Boys' Hockey: Senior / U16
    Alpine Skiing Grade 7 to 12
    Snowboarding Grade 7 to 12

    Spring Term Teams
    Boys' Baseball: Senior
    Boys' Softball: U14 / U12
    Girls' Softball: Senior / U16 / U14 / U13 / U12
    Boys' Rugby: Senior / U16 / U14
    Girls' Rugby: Senior / U14
    Co-ed Track and Field: Senior / Middle / Junior
    Tennis: Senior / U16 / U14
    Co-ed Golf Grades 7 to 12
  • Intramural Sports

    Ball Hockey
    Boot Camp 
    Cross Country Skiing
    Fantasy Soccer
    Flag Football / Snow Football
    Mountain Biking
    Ultimate Frisbee

    Some activities are seasonal.

School Information

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