How Technology Supports Learning

Technology with Balance

While laptops are certainly the star of the show in the modern classroom, there are a multitude of peripheral devices and software platforms that have become invaluable assistants to the individual learner at CDS. Technology with balance means considering and applying the most appropriate tools for the task at hand in support of student learning. This approach may, or may not, include the use of digital hardware platforms, specific software applications and/or web-based resources during the academic day. Most importantly, this cultivated mindset ensures that specific learning outcomes remain the focused objective in the classroom, and not the technology itself.

It is becoming more apparent in our computerized world that cultivating literacy in programming and logic is as vital and necessary as developing language and math skills. One such recent development initiated by our Junior School Technology Integrator, Lara Gee, is our participation in the global phenomenon known as Hour of Code. This well crafted introduction to design thinking and coding is in addition to the better known and long established robotics programming opportunities present in the Junior School.
While the Chromebooks are the clear favorites in the Middle and Senior Schools, other constellations of devices do shine bright. Peer into the new Fitness Area in the Senior School and see an iPad embedded in the HOIST, providing personalized training and support with that specialized workout machine. Also notice the Apple TV and monitor mounted on the wall for ease of sharing iPad screens with the class in the same space.

Peek into S12 in recent weeks and observe an installation of digital audio workstations for Grade 11 and 12 music students to work with digital audio and MIDI in Audacity and multi-tracking recording software such as Cubase. Gaze upon a Google Doc on any Chromebook screen in the entire school and you will see a small purple picture puzzle piece labelled Read & Write - an incredibly useful text plug-in assistant that is site licensed for every CDS student and faculty member throughout the school.

These are exciting times for students to be able to leverage such incredible tools to advance their personal learning!

Technology in the News

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  • Keeping Technology Devices Clean & Disinfected During COVID-19

    Sheldon Rose, Director of Technology and Creativity
    As you are probably aware, most cell phones, iPads, tablets, stylus, mice, laptops and desktops are handled with frequent regularity - and are therefore potentially teeming with bacteria and viruses.  For many, I suspect, those surfaces are rarely disinfected with the careful consideration they deserve.  Under ordinary circumstances, cleaning your computing devices once or twice a week may be sufficient. However, under the current world conditions, especially if you've been using your devices in public, we recommend a daily cleaning and disinfection.
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  • Integrating Technology in the Classroom: Desmos

    Jennifer Weening
    One of the primary principles at the heart of technology integration in the classroom is that the technology must fulfill an authentic purpose. The question must always be asked, “How can using the technology actually improve teaching outcomes or student learning”?
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  • My Life Online

    Lara Gee
    On October 2nd, our Grade 5 and 6 students were fortunate to have Blake Fly, co-founder of My Life Online, join us for a special presentation. My Life Online is a worldwide education platform that includes in-school workshops, Media Literacy curriculum, and programs for parents in an effort to bring students, educators, and parents together on the topic of Social Media.
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  • Technology in Music

    While technology, in general, has the capacity to execute common practices and processes faster, and thereby make them more efficient, its real transformative and paradigm-shifting power comes in the form of allowing students to view the world, subject matter and even themselves, in completely novel ways.
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Technology with balance means considering and applying the most appropriate digital hardware or software for the tasks at hand in support of student learning, while recognizing when the absence of technology is the preferred approach.
It is becoming more apparent in our computerized world that cultivating literacy in programming and logic is as vital and necessary as developing language and math skills.

Land Acknowledgment

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