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We will continue to provide a balance of exceptional academics, arts and athletics. CDS will lead in outdoor educational experiences and environmental citizenship across all grades and offer a balanced approach to technology.

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  • Memories from Last Week's Temagami Canoe Trip

    The Temagami canoe trip was a trip filled with laughs, excitement, and relaxation. At first, the thought of five days with no phone was terrible, but once we realized that there is always something to do during the day we forgot all about it. For someone who has never been camping before for fear of sleeping next to a bear, I had the most memorable time and would definitely recommend the trip to anyone with a sense of adventure.

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  • Generative AI at CDS

    Over the last year, Generative AI has had a significant, almost immediate, impact upon so many facets of our lives - personal, social, cultural and professional. The arena of education is no different in this regard. Like other technological milestones - there are some of us still around who are old enough to remember the rapid integration of the internet into education in the 1990s - generative AI, undoubtedly, will have a transformative effect on teaching and learning in the years to come.
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  • MS & SS Indulge in Summer Reading

    If we were to encourage our children to do just one thing that would contribute to their future success in life, it would be to read more. Among other things, reading increases our vocabulary, develops analytical thinking skills, reduces stress, teaches empathy, and enlightens us about the world we live in.
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  • Track & Field OFSAA Championships in Ottawa

    Aidan Quast ‘26, Carter Saley ‘26 and Hannah Clarke ‘23 traveled to Ottawa last Wednesday to compete at the 2023 Track & Field Championships. This would be Aidan and Carter’s first experience at OFSAA and Hannah’s last competition as a high school athlete.  Needless to say, their emotions spanned from excitement and eagerness to restlessness and nervousness.
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  • Country Day Wins First OFSAA Medal for Badminton

    A few weeks ago, Rayna Zhou ‘23 and Zhi Wei Zhang ‘25 won a first-ever OFSAA medal in Badminton for CDS in mixed doubles at Trinity College School in Port Hope. Over the three days of play, they only lost once on the first day, placing them in the B main draw. The dynamic duo went on to win all of their remaining matches and advanced to compete in the B finals. They finished with an OFSAA Silver medal, which is an impressive accomplishment when competing against the best in Ontario with national and internationally ranked opponents.
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  • Grad X Opening Reception

    Grad X is the Grade 12 Art Exhibition, held from May 25 through June 9, in celebration of the culminating year of students in the visual arts program. The show is a collaboration of art works created by the Grade 12 art class and provides them with an opportunity to display their works to the public within the school gallery space.

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  • Students Attend Duke of Edinburgh Youth Summit

    Last month, Grade 10 students Jack Brown and Zak Khan attended the Duke of Edinburgh Youth Summit in Toronto with other students working on their Award from across the GTA. There they had an opportunity to meet both HRH Prince Edward, the new Duke of Edinburgh, and Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Elizabeth Dowdeswell. Students had an opportunity to speak with Prince Edward and the Ltd. Governor about how the Award has positively impacted their lives and motivational speaker and Award Achiever, Fahd Alhattab, led them through a design-think workshop where ideas and opinions related to the future of the Award in Canada were discussed.
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  • Students Visit Stratford for CISDF

    On April 17-19, the Senior Drama Class traveled to Stratford, Ont. to perform and participate in the Conference of Independent Schools Drama Festival (CISDF). It was three days of getting to know ourselves better, each other, and making new fun and talented friends.
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  • Fulford Debate Camp

    Last Saturday, the third and final Fulford League Debate tournament of the year took place at Villanova College. Ananya Kapur ‘26 and Olivia Budweth ‘25 competed as the Junior team while Sarah Croxon ‘24 and Jack Brown ‘25 competed as the Senior team.
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  • University of Waterloo Canadian Computing Competition

    On February 15th, we had 20 students in Grades 11 & 12 participate in the Canadian Computing Competition. Students had 3 hours to complete 5 computer programs that solve real world problems.
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  • 2023 CISMF Did Not Disappoint

    After four lengthy years, this much-anticipated student music festival made its long-awaited return on April 15th with splendid flourish. As a tenor saxophone player in the CISMF symphonic band, I was drawn like a moth to a flame by the allure of it all.
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  • Let's Make Every Day Earth Day!

    Last week, we celebrated Earth Week as a lead up to the 53rd anniversary of Earth Day on Saturday. Spending time outdoors in nature has always been a cornerstone of education with balance at CDS, and all three schools had exciting plans to help reinforce this among our students.

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  • Student Tackles Period Poverty as Social Action Project in World Cultures

    A major part of the Grade 12 World Cultures course is a social action project where students identify an area of equity, social justice or cultural diversity in which they are passionate. Abbey Butler ’23 chose to address the global and local issue of period poverty, and launched the Period Project at this week’s Assembly.
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  • Gr. 12 Environment Students Engage in Mining Simulation

    Students in the Gr. 12 Environment and Resource Management course have worked in small groups to purchase a mine site and pay a reclamation bond. They mined their site over a series of 15 "years" making choices about exploration, investment in equipment, and the management of tailings, water sources, wildlife, and human settlement. They kept detailed accounting sheets which allowed them to chart profitability of their mine over time, explore the effectiveness of their investments, and examine how they used other resources once the most valuable minerals were depleted. Fines were issued for environmental damage and human rights violations. In the end, all mines turned a profit, all waterways were irreparably damaged, several fines were issued, and most sites were reclaimed effectively.
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  • SS Health Sciences Club: SickKids Caliper Program

    Our Senior School Health Sciences Club has partnered with SickKids hospital to offer an amazing opportunity for Senior School students to help sick children. The CALIPER project is an initiative led by SickKids that aims to improve the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of medical conditions by creating an up-to-date database of normal blood values.
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Land Acknowledgment

CDS wishes to recognize and acknowledge the land on which the school operates. For thousands of years, these have been the traditional lands of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation. We also recognize the traditional territory of the Huron-Wendat, Anishinaabe and the Haudenosaunee peoples who also shared this land.  CDS respects the relationship with these lands and recognizes that our connection can be strengthened by our continued relationship with all First Nations, by acknowledging our shared responsibility to respect and care for these lands and waters for future generations.

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