Middle School Songwriting Club Releases New Album

Jordan Zero
Since February, the Middle School Songwriting Club has been meeting weekly to learn the art of songwriting. For almost everyone in the club, this would be their first time ever trying to write a song.
After listening and analyzing some of our favourite songs together, students were tasked with writing their own song, which they would share with the rest of the club. Students used a combination of pre-recorded samples and original recordings of their own playing and singing to bring their songs to life.
Finally, the time came to share with the rest of the club, and the results were impressive.  Everyone was amazed at what their fellow songwriters had come up with. After everyone had shared their first song, it was clear that the Songwriting Club was ready to take on something much bigger.  
After brainstorming some possible project ideas, the Songwriting Club decided to put together its own album. An album would not just require every member to contribute a song, but also consider all the other non-musical elements that come together to make an album, such as the cover, the CD design, and the order the songs should be played in. 
The students were asked to submit potential design ideas for the album cover and CD, and everyone then voted on their favourite. The artwork chosen was designed by Audrey Jiang ’26.
Congratulations on your debut record, songwriters!

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