Clarity on Our Financial Footing

Remaining current in terms of emerging practices and trends is important for any organization, and independent schools are no exception. To that end, our faculty and staff routinely gather to research, discuss and network amongst ourselves and with representatives from other schools.

A few years back I thought parents might be curious as to what CDS educators do on professional development days, so I asked everyone to file a report on their learning after each significant professional development activity. These stories are made available to you and can be found here.

I myself just returned from a gathering of 1500 independent school administrators from across North America where I was on the prowl for any aspect of best practice I could find. I was taken aback by the worrisome financial health that many of these schools are dealing with. I thought I might take an opportunity to contrast, what I now better see as the enviable financial position that The Country Day School finds itself in relative to our peers.
Through diligent planning and careful stewardship, CDS is able to fund 100% of operating expenses with tuition revenue. Most independent schools, indeed almost all of our U.S. counterparts are not able to make this claim. The average school must fund a portion of their operations from asking each family for an additional donation annually just to keep the lights on and the teachers teaching.
In our case, we rely on our annual fund, auction and itinerant capital campaigns to fund the long term expansion or improvement of our infrastructure. Indeed, our community has a long tradition of supporting the physical evolution of CDS to what it is today. We also have a long history of tremendous financial oversight from our Board of Directors and our in-house staff in the Finance Department. Thanks to everyone in the CDS community for helping us achieve an “A” in Finance!
John Liggett
Head of School

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Founded in 1972, The Country Day School is a co-educational private school offering programs in JK-12 and located on 100 acres north of Toronto in King.