Alumni Return for Careers Class

Each year, our Grade 10 Careers class invites CDS Alumni back to campus to share their real-life education and work experience. Students then have the opportunity to ask questions and seek advice. This December, we have had six alumni visit: JP Adamo '99, Rachael Andrew '09, Amanda Santarossa '10, Will Eberlee '11, Hannah Carlton '14, and Kurt Mighton '14. Two of our Grade 10 students, Allison Simpson and Erica Ghezzi, found these visits both insightful and reassuring.

Rachael Andrew '09
, who is on track to becoming a lawyer, came to visit our class today. The greatest piece of advice I took away from her presentation is to create a study schedule during busy times. Rachael taught us to include exactly what studying you are going to do and when, as well as when you will have your free time! By doing this it allows you to stay on track and still allow you to participate in events other than just school work.
This is meaningful to me because, around stressful times such as exams, I find myself spending most of my time doing homework and much less time with my friends. This will influence my decisions in the future because when I am feeling stressed or as though I do not have much free time, I can plan out what I am going to do, causing me to have better time management skills and still allow me to participate in everything I want. I believe this will help both my work and school careers. I am very appreciative of Rachael sharing her advice with us in class today.
Written by Allison Simpson, Grade 10

My biggest takeaway during Kurt Mighton's '14 presentation, was that it is okay to change your mind. Before his visit, I always had a fixed mindset that the university that I chose was set in stone once you got in and participated in a semester. Kurt changed my view because I saw how much more successful, and happier he was, after switching universities even after the first semester. It also creates less stress for me when applying for university in the future, knowing that if I feel that I have made the wrong choice, I am able to switch into a university that feels right for me.
It is inspiring how he took the initiative to acknowlede that his first school was not the right fit for him. From now on, I will keep in mind that it is okay if I am not satisfied with what I chose, and that there is always an opportunity to change the direction of the road ahead of me.
Written by Erica Ghezzi, Grade 10
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