Technology in Music

While technology, in general, has the capacity to execute common practices and processes faster, and thereby make them more efficient, its real transformative and paradigm-shifting power comes in the form of allowing students to view the world, subject matter and even themselves, in completely novel ways.

Technology in Music is one such example. While conventional approaches may have students learning about and "creating" music with instruments, computer technology provides a considerable complementary visual perspective and uniquely explicit control over sound production, construction and composition. This advantage of separating oneself from the physical act of producing sound allows for students to listen more critically and make creative decision-making less “spur-of-the-moment” and more thoughtful in design and application.

Currently, Grade 10 and 11 students are using Sony ACIDxPress to re-assemble existing studio tracks of established artists into a structurally balanced re-mix of their own, while Grade 12’s are using their musician ears to discriminately "lift" musical samples of their own choosing to transcribe into a digital score editor using all appropriate musical symbology and terminology. This term, they will dive into MIDI, a technology protocol that represents music as a series of triggered events, a data driven model of "programming" music on a spreadsheet-like grid sequenced over time.

For more information on organizations that are promoting and supporting educational innovation through technology in music may be found at in the USA, and from Finland, INTO Music
Sheldon Rose, Director of Technology and Creativity
 Balance and Innovate

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