2019 Music Trip: Adventure & Resilience All Wrapped Into Fun

When something as exciting as a Music trip to Europe is on the agenda for March Break, it would take a lot to extinguish the anticipation and excitement shared among the students and faculty members. When news of a travel delay of an undetermined amount of time was released at the airport, our intrepid travelers navigated what turned out to be 24-hour-delay and multi-flight reschedule extraordinarily well.
Upon arriving in the beautiful city of Prague, our 43-member group set about making up for lost time touring what was one of the many highlights of the trip.

“I hadn’t really seen that old side of Europe before,” said Tegan Asprey in Grade 10who was born in England. “One of my favourite parts was the Old Town Square, the Astronomical Clock and Charles Bridge.”

This ancient clock dates back to 1410 and features "The Walk of the Apostles", an hourly show of figures of the Apostles and other moving sculptures. Tegan also enjoyed the evening boat tour on the Vltava River that meandered under the many bridges of Prague. “It was so beautiful – the city just sparkled.”

The group’s first musical performance took place in a large atrium inside the Volkswagen Factory in Dresden. “We were surrounded by new self-driving cars … it was very cool,” said Tegan.

In Leipzig, the students visited one of the largest musical instrument museums in Europe housed at the University of Leipzig. GY student and accomplished Royal Conservatory of Music pianist, Allyson Whitmell, was even allowed to play one of the pianos in the museum!

Next stop was Berlin, where CDS students performed for students at a German Gymnasium (secondary school) in Potsdam, just outside of the city. They also ate lunch with them and enjoyed experiencing a realistic glimpse into life as a student in Berlin from peers their age.

While in Berlin, they also visited a Holocaust Memorial, caught glimpses of the former Berlin Wall, and toured an underground bunker used during World War II.

According to the students, this trip offered a rich blend of European history and the history of music with a perfect balance of performances sprinkled throughout.

Running on adrenaline from such an action-packed trip, the 48-hour delay this group then encountered upon arrival at the Frankfurt airport seemed to only mildly phase these resilient travelers. While the airline, Lufthansa, compensated everyone comfortably with a two-night hotel stay and good food, our adaptable faculty set about adding one day of spontaneous sightseeing tours to the agenda for our amazing students.

“Spending one unexpected day in Frankfurt at the end of the trip was surprisingly positive,” said Tegan. “We made the most of it and enjoyed every moment of visiting interesting sites, including Cathedral tours and panoramic views from up high overlooking the city, Buskers, and endless cobblestone streets. This was a trip none of us will soon forget.”


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