Students Score Impressive Marks in Recent Math Competitions

Last week at Assembly, Mr. Moorlag presented a comprehensive update on how our students fared at some recent worldwide Math competitions. Here is the impressive snapshot:
University of Waterloo Canadian Computing Competition
Sixteen participants in Grades 11 and 12 (and one in Grade 8) wrote this three-hour coding competition that included questions inspired by real-world topics in computer science and mathematics, including a basketball scoring system and a text message compression exercise.
Of the 6432 overall participants, the worldwide average for the Grade 11 contest was 38.9 out of 75 points and 21.8 out of 75 for Grade 12 students. Certificates of distinction are awarded to the students achieving the top 25% of which CDS had two: Grade 8 student, Yubo Wang, who scored 60, and Grade 12 student, Carter Moore, who scored 30!
University of Waterloo Pascal, Cayley, and Fermat Mathematics Contests
Seventy-three participants among our Grades 7 to 12 students wrote one of these three one-hour long multiple choice contests that test logical thinking and problem solving rather than pure content.
Of the 30,784 overall participants who wrote the Pascal Contest (Grade 9), the worldwide average was 89.5 out of 150. Again, certificates of distinction go to students achieving in the top 25% and the 1st place School Medal went to Grade 8 student, Jimmy Zhou, who scored 144 out of 150 – earning him 12th place in the world!!!

Distinction award winners include: Grade 8 Yubo Wang (127), Grade 8 Vincent Wang (122), Grade 7 Derek Chen (118), Grade 8 Jordan Chen (116), Grade 9 Henry Xiu (116), Grade 7 Elite La (111), Grade 9 Zackary Downey (110), Grade 9 Cindy Ma (109), Grade 8 Tinaye Ngorima (109), Grade 7 Stone Li (105) and Grade 9 Ethan MacDonald (104).
As for the Cayley Contest (Grade 10), of the 19,473 overall participants, the worldwide average was 96.1 out of 150. This year there was a tie for 1st place at CDS and the School Medal went to two Grade 10 students, Nadine Barone and Liam Bray, for their impressive score of 116. The Distinction award winner for the Cayley Contest was Grade 9 student, Robert Milliken (113).

Finally, the Fermat Contest (Grade 11) had 17,047 students write it this year with a worldwide average of 93.9 out of 150. The School Medal for 1st place at CDS went to Grade 11 student, Sean Song for a score of 120, and distinction awards went to Grade 11 student, Anthony Botticchio (100) and Grade 10 student, Tegan Asprey (98).

Mr. Moorlag praised all 73 students who wrote one of these exams at Assembly. “It is impressive to see such a strong (and growing) mathematical talent in our CDS students. These contests don’t count for marks, yet the students still work hard to prepare for these enrichment opportunities. Congratulations to all competitors and award winners.”

Those participants who haven’t yet received their results should see their math teachers to obtain their individual scores. Additionally, results for the Fryer, Galois, Hypatia and Euclid Contests will be announced later in May.


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