Grade 6 Students Protest Against Climate Breakdown

Brianna Nichols and Diviya Amarnath
“There is no planet B,” reads one of 6R’s student posters about Climate Change. In our Grade 6 social studies class, we’ve been learning about Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old activist from Sweden. She skipped school on Fridays to protest against Climate Change. At first, she stood alone in front of the Swedish Parliament. Soon, her friends, classmates and other students joined her, helping to spread the word.
Now, students all over the world have been inspired by her #FridaysforFuture movement and are starting protests against the leaders of their own countries and cities. Learning all of this, inspired many CDS 6R students and we have decided to take action. We’ve started using our own time and some class time to make posters against Climate Change. Our main goal is to have our voices heard.
On Friday, May 3, seven CDS students brought their signs to Queen’s Park in support of the international Climate Change movement, while others wrote letters in the classroom to send to our leaders.

After the wonderful experience at Queen’s Park, we all had such a great time. We think that camera crews from television stations may have seen us a of couple times, and definitely one of us got on CBC news and David Suzuki’s Instagram page.
It was a great experience to make a change and fight against Climate Change! We held our signs high and strong even once the march started! Many, many, many people marched through the streets, all holding up different signs. They all had one thing in common, the fact that we have to stop contributing to climate change. That’s why the group of kids who went to Queen’s Park made up a cheer. That cheer is what everyone sang while going through the traffic and making others aware of the cause. We had an amazing experience - one we won’t soon forget in our fight to end Climate Change.
Addendum by Kelly Johnson, Grade 6 teacher
Once we watched Greta Thunberg’s inspiring and incredibly moving Ted Talk called, “School Strike for Climate”, the class was left with this undeniable feeling that people, even children like themselves, could and must take action. However small, however they felt they could help, the children wanted to do something to show their support of the cause. I am so very inspired by their interest in this topic and their desire to take action and have their voices heard.


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