Grade 7 French Class: A Day in the Kitchen

The Grade 7 French class has been expanding their understanding of la francophoniein the Americas beyond Québec. Through exploring the many carnavals celebrated in francophone communities such as Louisiane and Martinique, the students discovered the importance that French people place on their culture.
One means of honouring French roots in foreign French communities was constant throughout many projects – la gastronomie. In celebration of these findings and the culinary focus during Unité 5 – Bon Appétit, the class invited Chef Freddy to CDS. Chef Freddy is the proprietor of the local restaurant in Shelburne, “Beyond the Gate”. He has worked around the world developing his culinary skills, most notably in a Michelin-Star restaurant in France, and is famed for his eclectic French cuisine.

Chef Freddy passionately demonstrated the importance of food in the French culture by preparing the classic French dish ratatouille. In an interactive experience, students were able to apply their knowledge of la gastronomie by partaking in the preparation, responding to questions surrounding the dish, and tasting true French cuisine. This authentic experience gave the Grade 7 students an opportunity to understand and become a part of a French tradition, a part of la francophonie.

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