STEM: Uncovering The Truth

Jake Hollett '22 & Henry Xiu '22
We had an incredible Breakout Week experience with the STEM group. On the first day, we stayed at CDS and we tested our technological ability by designing our very own apps from scratch with STEM MINDS. We then proceeded to present our apps to the class (this was the best part). In the afternoon, we learned about forensics, blood sampling, detection methods and psychology with help from the University of Toronto Mississauga.
On the second day, we took a trip to the Ontario Science Center and made genetic alterations to E. coli strains to make them glow in the dark. That same afternoon, we got some ‘inside’ knowledge about our bodies when we partook in a Human Anatomy workshop that showed us the three main bodily functions: cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive.

On the third and final day, we spent the day at IFLY Oakville and learned about the fundamentals of aerodynamics. We also used math to calculate how fast the wind needed to be to keep us hovering. Afterwards, we put our knowledge to the test during our own individual Indoor Skydiving Session.

For a hands-on, scientific learning experience that is absolutely unforgettable, select STEM as your Breakout Week option next year!

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