CDS Cares: Touching the Lives of Others

Isabella Ruso & Jayden Posen '22
It was a week of kindness, teamwork, and most importantly, appreciating our lives and giving back to those who need it most. On Wednesday morning, we started packaging and sorting all the food items we collected from the homerooms during the food drive. Then, we took a trip to Costco to get all the food we needed to make care packages which we would later distribute to the homeless and those in need. In the afternoon, we were given a very insightful presentation from Covenant House, helping us realize the extreme hardships, challenges and difficult choices that someone living on the streets faces every single day.
On Thursday, we delivered all of the donations we collected from the food drive to the Aurora Food Pantry. Here we learned about how a food bank works, who it helps and some of the reasons why someone might need to go to a food bank. We learned that a large number of people who use the food bank are disabled and unable to work. Though they receive some money through their pension, it is often not enough to cover all the costs of living. We also participated in a $7 dollar challenge where we had to try to buy enough food to feed us for the day and spend less than $7. All the proceeds were donated back to the food pantry.

On Friday, we delivered the care packages we made to homeless people in parks and in the streets of downtown Toronto. There was nothing more rewarding than to see their genuine appreciation and smiles for receiving lunch; something that we would normally take for granted. It made each of our days better, knowing we made theirs a little bit easier. 

CDS Cares helped each of us realize how fortunate we really are and how important it is to do everything we can to give back to the community, because everything we do can help to make someone’s future a little brighter.

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