Connect 9 at Camp Timberlane

Reese Falkenberg ’23 & Leah Gawza ’23
The Grade 9’s had a cold start to their Breakout week. They stepped foot onto the Timberdome, the main green field of Camp Timberlane, and were instantly shocked at the frigid temperatures. They made their way to the cabins, to settle in.
Over the three jam-packed days, the students got to participate in many activities. This included archery tag, canoeing, team building exercises, and fire building with the prize of a coal roasted beaver tail. During their free time, spike ball on the main beach and gathering around the comforting fire that Mr. Fanni kept burning all day, were just some of the options. The students that were brave enough to bear the freezing, lake water, woke up early to conquer the Polar Bear Dip.

Alive Outdoors provided useful programs that encouraged the Grade 9’s to become closer as a community. One workshop gave the students an insight into their personal strengths. Alive helped them open-up with each other, and everyone felt more confident and comfortable as the trip continued. The Wacky Talent show showcased interesting and impressive talents within the grade and the Minute to Win games were lots of fun!

The trip finished-off with a gratitude circle and an energetic game of Huckle-Buckle. The grade was thankful for the beautiful fall environment they were in, the amazing activities they had the opportunity to do, and the bonding that took place during the trip.

A special thank you to all the teachers who planned and accompanied the Grade 9’s on their fantastic Breakout week trip! It was a great experience to kick-off the next four years of high school.

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