6R & SK Learn About Germs

Kiran Chaudhry '26 & Ava Longo '26
On the morning of December 9th, the class of 6R paired up with the SKs to learn about germs. In the science lab, there were four activities: viewing germs under the microscope, glo germs, watching a video about hand washing and drawing your own germs.
6R took the leadership role of being a big buddy and the SKs listened very carefully. A highlight of the morning was drawing your own germs. Another highlight was when the SKs spread a solution called “Glo Germs” on their hands. The solution left a residue of imaginary germs that stayed behind even after hand washing! The SKs used a black light to see what imaginary germs remained and they learned that germs can hide in fingernail beds, in between our fingers and on the backs of our hands. All important information to encourage good handwashing skills for future!

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