Grade 2 Student Captures Her Interpretation of the Junior School

Last fall, Amy Lin in 2W noticed that there seemed to be plenty of pictures of the new CDS Senior School, but not nearly as many of her beloved Junior School. She therefore took it upon herself to create her own interpretation of this original part of her school to present to Mrs. Wildberger.
“I used a combination of sharpies, markers and pencil crayons to get the right blend,” said Amy. Her thoughtful depiction is a playful composite of the Senior School, Performing Arts Centre and youthful play with the imminent build of the new portion of the Junior School in mind.

Amy shared that while she has taken some classes “when I was young”, she continues to hone her skills in a determined and thoughtful manner. Mrs. Wildberger believes that she is an artist who is “gallery bound in the future.”

Amy explained that it was a deliberate choice to use light and dark colours to show contrast between the leaves and the background. Interspersed in the foreground are young children playing hide and seek and chatting among their peers. The autumnal feel is attributed to the timing of her drawing, which was around Halloween.

Amy’s painting is currently on display outside the Junior School Library. Be sure to stop by and have a look the next time you are in the Junior School!

School Information

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