MS Sustainability Council Launches Plastic Bag Take Back Initiative

Have you noticed that no matter how hard you may try to avoid it, you still end up tossing all kinds of plastic into your garbage bin at home? As a matter of fact, Ontarians use seven million plastic bags each day! (York Region site) This could be bread bags, dry cleaning bags, toilet paper/paper towel wrapping, newspaper bags, and even grocery bags from stores that still provide them. This type of plastic cannot be recycled in York Region as it gets tangled up in the machinery, necessitating time-wasting stoppages and costly repairs. So, they are pulled out by sorters and sent to landfill. From there, they can take up to 1,000 years to decompose, during which time they present dangers to the environment, releasing toxins and harming wildlife. This is unacceptable!
In an effort to combat this environmental travesty, the CDS Middle School Sustainability Council is throwing out a challenge - The Plastic Bag Take Back program. Families are encouraged to collect all of their plastic bag items from home. The rule is if it stretches, we’ll take it! It just must be clean and dry. You can stuff as many of these bags/wrappings as possible into one plastic shopping bag, tie it up and label it with the name of your House (Dunlap, Eberts, Taylor, Ross). Our council members will then take them to participating stores drop-off centres. From there, they will be sent out to be made into such items as plastic lumber, patio furniture, park benches - and even new plastic bags.
Once a month, these bags will be weighed and the House with the heaviest total will win House Points to go toward winning the new Middle School Cup at the end of the yearThis contest starts NOW! So please, help save our environment by bringing us your plastic. We hope to keep this initiative going until June, after which time we hope that you’ll take your bags to your nearest drop-off centre throughout the summer months. You can find yours on this website.

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