Perfectly Peach: 10 Years of Celebrating Diversity

Tamara Estabrooks is a CDS parent and the mother of Alex and Arden in Grades 9 and 7. She is a pediatric speech language pathologist by profession and the author of the children's book, Perfectly Peach, which she published with a friend 10 years ago and recently gifted a copy to the Junior School Library.
Perfectly Peach is about a young girl trying to understand how she fits into a world of labels. While she feels she is not quite as “pink” as her father, and not quite as “brown” as her mother, she comes to the conclusion that she is “perfectly peach”. The intention behind their story is to help children recognize the wide diversity of the world that surrounds them and to appreciate the family tree that embraces them.
Tammy and her co-author Vicky Cansino (illustrator) created this book in response to some of the questions their children were asking about colour, race and acceptance. Their ultimate goal was to bring colour to all children’s lives and make them feel accepted and loved for who they are.
“While I wrote it 10 years ago, it is as relevant as ever today,” explains Tammy. Recently, one of her daughter’s teachers from her previous school reached out to let them know the book has helped her start difficult conversations with her students.
Hearing that news, Tammy and Vicky rushed to do a reprint. Along the way, they decided to change the very last line of the book, “We decided to change the final line of the book to reflect how our message has evolved over the past 10 years. We recognize that we want to see colour. That is part of who we are and we want to embrace that.” 
Tammy considers Perfectly Peach more of a Junior School book and appropriate for students up to Grades 4 and 5, as it is written in rhyme for younger children and provides a way to talk with children about how families come from many different backgrounds and heritages.

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