Kinesthetic Learning brings Grade 8 Science to Life

Kathleen Griffin
This week, Grade 8 students were introduced to the concepts of photosynthesis and cellular respiration in Ms. Griffin’s Science class.

First, they had to "build" a sugar molecule - just like what happens in the chloroplasts of plant cells. Cardboard egg cartons provided the framework and ping pong balls were used to represent the atoms in the different molecules.
The classroom represented a plant cell. In order to get the carbon dioxide needed for photosynthesis, students had to go out the stomata (the door) and get their CO2 from the atmosphere outside.
Water molecules were found in the classroom under a sign labelled "roots".
Once all students built their sugar molecules (using CO2 and H2O), we then modelled the process of cellular respiration – the process of breaking the sugar down for energy.
This kinesthetic learning activity was a big success. Remote students joined in a class group via a Google Meet breakout room and were able to help their group decide what was needed to build and then deconstruct their glucose molecule.

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