Students Take Time to Pause, to See, to Be

Courtney Taylor & Geneva Winterink
There is considerable scientific evidence that physical activity can boost our moods and has been linked to greater happiness and reduced risks for anxiety and depression.  Our Grade 8 students have been participating in ‘Awe’ Walks during their Guidance classes to not only help take a break from their masks, their desks, their classrooms; but to also utilize the simple act of going for a walk to combat any worry, stress, or melancholy of the day.

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An ‘Awe’ Walk has been described to our students as being a mindful walk while consciously watching for small wonders that may be surrounding them.  ‘Awe’ can be anywhere and everywhere from the lightly snow-dusted evergreens expanding the back acreage of CDS to a bright shiny apple still hanging in the tree.  Focussing on the world outside of yourself is the goal of an ‘Awe’ Walk.
In their Physical Education and Guidance classes, our Grade 8 students created their very own ‘Awe’ Walk at the back of the school property for all students to experience and enjoy. They have filled the trails and trees with hundreds of ornaments and decorations so that all students, staff and faculty can experience ‘Awe’ on their next walk through the CDS trails. 
It is such a simple thing - to pause, look around and appreciate the small wonders.  We encourage you to take the time over the holiday to experience an ‘Awe’ Walk for yourself.  
Time to pause, to see, to be.
Courtney Taylor                                                                                  
Middle School Guidance Counsellor & Learning Strategist
Geneva Winterink
Grade 8 Phys. Ed Teacher

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