Students Participate in Carleton University Leadership Conference

Lauren Neil '22
Last Saturday, three Grade 11 students Tawana Ngorima, Nilou Doust and Lauren Neil participated in Carleton University’s virtual SOAR Student Leadership Conference.

Students were challenged and inspired to develop their leadership skills through informative and interactive workshops and presentations. Speakers included current Carleton students, alumni, and even Martin Luther King III, all of whom raised the question, what does leadership mean to you? 
The biggest takeaways lay in recognizing that leadership is about empowering others. It is about lending a hand and providing guidance when needed. Martin Luther King III explained what leadership meant to his father. He believed that leadership is your personal commitment to excellence. In times of trial and in times of dispute, a true leader should disagree without being disagreeable. Leadership is an attitude. Being a leader can seem like such an extensive undertaking during the pandemic. Amidst our current circumstances, simply staying home and following guidelines can be a demonstration of leadership. The world has experienced so much mistrust and dishonesty these past months, and now more than ever, honest and responsible leadership is needed. Be that type of leader for your community. Choose to lead by example. Set the precedent. Dive into it and decide for yourself, what does leadership mean to you?
Another popular topic that was discussed at length was how best to go about battling burnout. Nowadays, experiencing burnout is common. Burnout can present itself in feelings of fatigue, helplessness, defeat, isolation and self doubt. In short, feelings which are typically abnormal for you. Those aspects can be exacerbated by the pandemic, making it so important to maintain balance. As a school, we preach the praise ‘education with balance’ and now more than ever, it is important to maintain a life with balance. Preemptively setting boundaries and priorities can help you to plan time for yourself and better delegate tasks at hand. Try changing up your work space and engaging in healthy habits to battle burnout and be the best version of yourself. 

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