GY Drama Students Take a Final Bow & Share "Empty Cups" Performance

Ms. Bevacqua-Tirone
It’s a long standing tradition to give GYs a separate and final bow on the CDS stage. At last week's final assembly, the GYs who have participated in both the drama curricular and extra- curricular program will get to have a virtual final bow. Watch the video.

The Grade 12 drama class have worked hard on both creating their own theatre company, Collective Collision Theatre Company, and writing their final performance.

Listen to the Grade 12's Final Audio Drama
They used parts of realism and theatre of the absurd to create pieces that will spark change in our adult and young adult audiences. The GYs want people to look inwardly in order to find a deep understanding of the world around them. This is their Company's mission statement:
The Collective Collision Theatre Company aims to inspire audiences through passionate, collaborative and accessible artwork. Challenging viewers to engage themselves: opening their minds to reach the core of each performance.
If you enter with this openness, you will leave with a newfound sense of knowledge about yourself and the complex community around you. Search, and you will find.
To challenge is to change.
Once the students returned to remote learning, they decided to make their final performance an audio drama, titled Empty Cups. They then had to quickly adapt to his new format, learning how to use Soundtrap to create the detailed soundscape you hear with the script. The students wanted to explore the concept of "perspective". The GYs worked through the editing process and had guest artist Matt Edison come to class to give them feedback on their work. He gave invaluable suggestions about how to make the script clearer and more nuanced. Their work is a true collaborative effort.

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