JS Mathematica Contest Results include a CDS Provincial Champion!

At the end of April, selected Grade 4, 5 and 6 students wrote a national math contest. We have waited a long time and the results are finally in. Along with the winners, we would like to take an opportunity to recognize everyone who participated. These students worked hard in their preparations to be able to put forth their best effort on contest day. 
In each of the contests, CDS performed well with the majority of students finishing above the national average and in each grade our school finished above the national average. This is so incredible because this is not above the average of your average math students, rather it is above the average of the best of the best. Most schools only have three or four students prepare and write the contest, so finishing above the national average truly is a huge accomplishment. Students who finish above the national average will receive a certificate of distinction. 

The Grade 4 students who competed earned results that meant on average they were an impressive 4 points above the national average and also placed in the top 100 schools across Canada. The CDS champion for the Byron Germain contest is Santu KoskinenMina Matsui and Charlie Davis finished second and Logan Colozza placed third.

In Grade 5, the school again placed in the top 100 across Canada. The school champion for the Fibonacci contest is Cathy LyuAlice Han finished second and Victoria Sari, Cindy Liu and Emmy Endras tied for third. 

In Grade 6 we are proud to say that 100% of our students finished above the national average

Our school champion is Dylan Matsui whose score of a perfect 50/50 also means he is not only a school champion, but a provincial champion as well. In second place was Yuling Qian and Ray Wang placed third. 

Congratulations again to all award winners and participants! Medallions and certificates of participation and distinction will be handed out in September. If you are interested in finding out your score, please contact the teacher who helped you prepare for the contest via email. Enjoy your summer!

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