Searching For Greta: A Play You Won’t Want to Miss!

Madelyn McCarthy ‘24
This last week, I had the amazing opportunity to take a deeper look into this year's Grade 7-9 fall production of Searching for Greta. It will be premiering on the CDS stage on November 20th for all to see. In addition to having the pleasure of watching the first act, I was able to interview the writing team, the music director, and the students behind this inspiring production.
Searching for Greta was written by our very own CDS faculty and alumni. The play focuses on a young girl named Greta who lives in a seemingly normal mining town, where issues of climate change are nowhere to be seen. Greta's life is quickly turned upside down after her grave discovery that her town is not as perfect as it may seem and in fact has been covering up the global climate crisis. Upon this discovery, Greta embarks on a life changing journey that takes her down various emotional paths that test her physical and mental resilience. 

The plot is both timely and captivating, and the play is supported by an incredible cast of Grade 7-9 students whose passion on the stage is contagious. Searching for Greta also boasts multiple levels of emotional complexity that will make you laugh, cry, and ponder on the current state of humanity. Below I share highlights from my interviews with Mr. Garbe, Mr. Zero, and various members of the cast.

Interview with Mr. Garbe: 
Question 1: “Tell me about the inspiration behind this play?”
This play was inspired by climate change. We try to choose plays and create things that suit the needs of what's happening in our world and climate change is one of those things. Many people don't realize how serious the situation is. So as artists, especially at The Country Day School, we are really trying to focus on the needs of our community, and greater community when choosing our plays.

Question 2: “What does this play mean for the CDS community?”
CDS prides itself on being environmentally conscious, and teachers are encouraged to teach outside as much as they can. In fact, CDS has a recognized status as an eco-school. In addition, it has been a long time since we've had a show. So on one hand, the play ties into issues the school believes are really important, and on the other hand it means a lot because it is the first time in a long time that we are doing something that is such a strong tradition here at CDS.

Interview with Mr. Zero:
Question 1: “What is the main message you hope people get after watching this play?”
The one thing that always comes to me in rehearsal is that no one is too small to make a difference, and that if you're doing your part and other people aren't doing their part that's all you can do. You can't get overwhelmed with solving it, you just start it and move along as you go. 

Question 2: “Can you tell me about the team of people who helped write the play?” 
I wrote the show along with Mr. Garbe and was kind of focused on the music side, so scoring it, writing the parts out for our musicians. By the end, the score was 300-400 pages of written music! We also had Mr. Garbe's daughter, Julia, who is a CDS alumna (and daughter of Mr. Garbe), and Mrs. Barbachon who is in charge of costumes and props, Mr. Hofstetter in the theatre, and then there's the kids, who are bringing these characters to life. It's such a collaborative process, so as much as we wrote the musical and it exists on the page, what's happening on stage and in rehearsal is all the kids.

Interviews With the Cast: 
Question 1: “What is the best part about being in this play?” 
I really enjoy drama and have always been really passionate about it, so just being in the play is such a fun experience. I also think this play has helped me make a name for myself in the school and has given people a more positive image of me. -Thomas Tran ‘25 

Question 2: “What are you most excited about when it comes to the play?” 
I'm really excited to see people's reactions and how they are going to take it. Because a lot of people don't fully understand climate change, and this is such a great way to express it. It's very funny and overall really entertaining. I'm just really excited to see how everyone takes it in. -Maya Walker ‘26

Question 3: “What does this play mean to you?”
I’ve been in theatre for a very long time, so it's very exciting to be back on stage acting. But it's also a very big cause because the Earth is our home and we have to focus on protecting our planet. So it's a really fun and interactive way to bring awareness to the cause, and I'm really proud to be a part of it. -Kate Kubica-LaCroix ‘26 

As you can see, so much thought and care has been put into the creation of this play. The amazing cast and crew have put together a theatrical piece that touches on deep and meaningful themes, while also keeping the performance fun and unforgettable. Stay tuned for more details on this one-of-a-kind virtual production debuting Saturday, November 20th at 7pm!  You won’t want to miss it!

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