Canadian Team Mathematics Competition

Stone Li '24
Last month, a group of six Grade 9, 10, and 11 students went to Pickering College for the University of Waterloo’s Math Team competition. The competitors were Stone Li, Kevin Yang, Kate Sha, Carolyn Du, Miranda Hong, and Lisa Wang.
The participants were given a presentation by Ty Ghaswala, a mathematics professor from the University of Waterloo. In the presentation, Mr. Ghaswala showed the students a problem that was only recently, as in two months ago, solved. The question was to find a shape or a combination of shapes that can be placed in a way that it fills a plane, yet its pattern is aperiodic (never repeats). Mr. Ghaswala was able to teach us many important lessons in problem-solving using this example, such as remaining patient and persevering no matter how long it takes.
After a small break, the contest’s team question portion began, where each team of six students were to solve 25 questions. By strategically taking on questions fit to our strengths, we were able to complete the first half with ease, allowing us to focus on the latter half together. This portion of the contest not only tested our own individual skill, but also our ability to communicate our ideas effectively. There were many times where one person could solve half the question and meet a barrier, but is then easily overcome by another in the team as they have the skillset. In the end, the CDS team fared well on this portion.

Following the team portion, the contest moved into an individual testing portion. This part of the contest requires each student to solve 10 questions individually. Although visibly easier than the previous portion, many problems were difficult to maneuver through nevertheless. However, the students persevered through and pushed themselves to their limit, all achieving scores to be proud of.
Lastly, the relay portion began. Here, three students are sat in succession, and each student requires the answer of the previous question to solve their own problem. It is extremely important for the first two teammates to read and solve the question carefully and hastefully. Although stressful, it is a great way to build trust for the team between each other, and for themselves with their problem solving skills. After three rounds of relay, the contest is finally over. Despite the many on-edge moments of teammates realizing their mistake with less than half the time remaining, we were able to achieve a fairly desirable result.
To end the night, Pickering College kindly prepared dinner for the students, which was delicious. Once dinner was finished, the winner of the competition was announced. Although not CDS, we are still content about our performance as well as what this experience provided us. The team is excited to try again next year, and perhaps this time, we can bring home a win!

Land Acknowledgment

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