Fryer, Galois, Hypatia & Euclid Math Contests

Krista Edwards
On Thursday, April 4th, a group of 4 Middle School and 6 Senior School students rose to the challenge of writing the annual Fryer, Galois, and Hypatia mathematics contests. These contests are 75 minutes in length and involve solving four problems that build towards a more complex task to solve in each question.
Also, on Wednesday, April 3rd, 9 Senior School students participated in the Euclid mathematics contest. This is the most challenging of the University of Waterloo contests; it is offered to students at the Grade 12 level or below. It is a 2.5 hour, paper-only contest containing 10 questions that require clear explanations of how answers are obtained with the use of proper mathematical form.

Certificates of Distinction are earned by those who achieve in the top 25% of participants at CDS, and a school medal is awarded to the top score at CDS for each of the contests. (Both of these types of awards have a minimum cut-off score that is set by the CEMC. School medals will be presented to students at a later date, as our shipment has not yet arrived.)

Fryer Mathematics Contest (Grade 9 or below): This year, 6 CDS students participated in the Fryer contest.
  • Worldwide average score: 22.7 out of 40
  • Worldwide number of participants: 6487
  • A Certificate of Distinction, and the School Medal was earned by Dylan Matsui (Grade 9) with a score of 33.

Galois Mathematics Contest (Grade 10 or below): This year, 2 CDS students participated in the Galois contest.
  • Worldwide average score: 24.8 out of 40
  • Worldwide number of participants: 8267
  • The School Medal was earned by both Adamson Fan (Grade 9), and Luca Tchelidze (Grade 10) with a score of 24.

Hypatia Contest (Grade 11 or below): This year, 2 CDS students participated in the Hypatia contest.
  • Worldwide average score: 24.5 out of 40
  • Worldwide number of participants: 7761
  • The School Medal was earned by: Vincent Wang (Grade 11), with a score of 25.

Euclid Contest (Grade 12 or below): This year, 9 CDS students participated in the Euclid contest.
  • Worldwide average score: 54.3 out of 100
  • Worldwide number of participants: 27,650
  • A Certificate of Distinction was earned by Jason Liang (Grade 11), with a score of 76
  • A Certificate of Distinction, his name published on the Euclid Contest Honour Roll, and the School Medal was earned by: Frank Fu (Grade 11), with a score of 85.

Congratulations to all students who participated in these annual enrichment opportunities. If you would like to know your score on any of the contests as it was not reported in the above results, please speak to your math teacher.

Land Acknowledgment

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