Artist of the Week - Peter Kerrigan

Grade 12 student and Caledon native, Peter Kerrigan, is a multi-talented musician who has always had an interest in music and learned to play piano, trumpet and guitar at a young age. 

After starting at CDS in Grade 9, Peter feels the school’s music program helped him further develop as a musician, but at the cost of prioritizing the trumpet over other instruments.  While he continued to play the guitar and piano at home, his busier schedule at CDS meant he only had time to really commit to playing the trumpet, specifically for the Senior School Concert Band. 

Peter has a lot of fun playing in the concert band. “You have such a wide range of instruments coming together to form one piece of music. You have percussion in the back, flutes in one section, and the clarinets in another, then the brass.”

Not long after that, Peter decided to join Jazz Band, he discovered how much he enjoys the creative, open nature of jazz where he is freer to express himself organically. “It was an absolutely awesome experience. I love both, but Jazz Band is a different [kind of] fun because it gives you more creative license and you can at times create your own music by soloing.” 

Peter also started performing at “Coffee Houses”, a re-occurring Senior School event that encourages student artists to perform for others in an open, relaxing, and cozy environment.  This is where Peter feels he excels the most as an artist. “I’m really into somber, acoustic music. I would describe it as a mix of reggae and soft-rock.”  He feels the Coffee House environment is perfect for his sound. “I was really nervous because I had only just picked up guitar a month and a half earlier, but my comfort level came back quickly. I wasn’t too happy with my first performance, but my second was much better.”

He credits his teacher, Mr. Collins, for helping him on the guitar. “I was in the GY lounge and he asked if I wanted to jam.  It was nice having a teacher in the Senior School who is an avid guitar player; he’s been a significant role model for me.”

Peter is thankful for the many music teachers he’s had at CDS. “Ms. Promane, Mr. Arrigo, Mrs. Baird, Mrs. Romanowich, and Ms. Frost have all been huge influences in my life here.  Mr. Arrigo and Ms. Promane have specifically been role models to me and helped me become the musician I am today.”

After a long busy day, Peter finds music is the best medicine to unwind with. “It helps me relax when I play guitar, I go to a different world.”

Along with music, Peter is an avid sportsman at CDS. He has been involved in cross-country, tennis, hockey, and rugby.   This year, he plans on joining the track team.

Peter has applied to three different programs at McMaster University for next year. We wish him all the best!

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