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Lara Gee
On October 2nd, our Grade 5 and 6 students were fortunate to have Blake Fly, co-founder of My Life Online, join us for a special presentation. My Life Online is a worldwide education platform that includes in-school workshops, Media Literacy curriculum, and programs for parents in an effort to bring students, educators, and parents together on the topic of Social Media.
This event was co-ordinated in support of a key guiding principle at CDS, namely, to “build sound and honourable character in our students through curricular and co-curricular activities. We will foster a positive culture of mutual respect that builds trust and engages students in learning. We will aim to develop in our students integrity, mutual respect, leadership skills, responsibility, self-discipline, productivity, and moral maturity.”  
We also wanted to underscore and reinforce the ideal that these character traits do not only exist in our day-to-day analog interactions with classmates, teachers and our community, but also in all of our interactions as Digital Citizens.
Grade 6 students, Diya and Eden shared some thoughts from the presentation.
“I really liked how Blake didn’t just talk about what is wrong with social media. He talked about how it can be used for good. Social media can help or hurt your chances of reaching your goals.” –Eden
“I found it interesting when Blake read the comments from the video and how everyone reacted, and then how they reacted when we were asked to pretend the boy was in the room with us and he read them again.” –Diya
After the presentation, Blake sent us a complete Media Literacy unit for the students. In connection with our current health curriculum, we will continue to have discussions and conversations in our classes about the importance of digital citizenship. Using resources here at school from both My Life Online as well as our current OPHEA curriculum, we trust that these important lessons will also spark meaningful conversations at home.
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