A Labour of Love

Ms. Promane, Head of Music
The Grade 12 music class has been working hard on a project throughout the third term. They would have typically presented a live concert, but due to many restrictions and obstacles, this was not to be. 
Therefore, the students embarked on somewhat of a musical journey, incorporating all that our music technology programs have to offer. What resulted was a great deal of innovation and creativity in the form of individual podcasts. The students were presented with several tasks. It first began with choosing a solo piece, with piano accompaniment, which they thought they might be able to perform in their annual ISU concert.
After realizing that this was not going to happen, we asked our resident rehearsal piano accompanist, Mrs. Curran, to record the supporting piano part to accompany each student’s solo. She then sent each student the accompaniment wherein they transferred the part onto our recording application ‘Soundtrap’. In the meantime the students needed to practice their solo part so that when it came time to ‘lay down’ their solo overtop the piano, they were able to do so. However, it is not as easy as one may think. Many tracks were laid so that the student could put their part together, trying to line it up as perfectly as they could against the piano part. (Listen to the end of Tegan Asprey’s podcast).
At this point, they had evolved from soloist to sound engineer. Once this was created, the students set out to begin their podcast. Ideas included researching their solo piece, the era in which it was written, information about the composer, and most importantly, musically analyzing the piece. After gathering all of their information, they then had to construct a script and use their recordings of themselves demonstrating their project. 
Every single podcast is different and what these students created is extremely special. Please take some time to listen to these podcasts on the CDS website and enjoy the labours of their hard work. This page also features their solos in their entirety, along with a few group pieces to showcase their ensemble work. 
Congratulations GYs for overcoming immense musical obstacles this year. It speaks volumes to who you are. Bravo!!

Listen to the Podcasts & Performances

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