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CDS will provide an approach toward instruction that is rooted in a deep understanding of our students. We will support wellness for all and continue to attract inspirational and caring faculty and staff. 

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  • Students Gain Perspective Through WWI Trench Warfare Simulation

    Dave Downer, Senior School Social Sciences
    The Grade 10 History classes undertook a new challenge this year, a two-day field experience to enhance their understanding of the efforts of soldiers in World War One. The activity took place in the far eastern portion of the CDS property, a former corn field on the other side of the railroad tracks. Watch the video below of their experience.
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  • CDS Poppies Journey from King to Vimy Ridge

    John Liggett, Head of School
    John Liggett shared a special story with Junior School students at this week’s Assembly about taking their Remembrance Day poppies on an incredible journey.

    I want to take you back in time. This little journey back in time might make us sad, but it will also make us feel proud.

    Our first journey back in time – is just a little way back to last week’s Remembrance Day ceremony. I know how I felt that day – always a little sad. But I also felt proud to be a Canadian, and most of all – proud of all of you.
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  • A Proud Day at CDS

    John Liggett, Head of School
    Yesterday, we paid our respects at our Remembrance Day ceremonies. Putting my obvious bias aside, I have to attest that our school was at its very best. Populists might call what we experienced “flow.” Call it what you may, there is no doubt that the character, care and respect that we work so hard to create at CDS, were on full display. And I couldn’t have been more proud of our students, faculty and staff.
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  • Left to Right: Anna Croxon, Maeve Tebbutt, Mrs. Wyndham-West, Anaïs Leiva von Bovet

    Best Showing Ever for CDS @ IISPSC

    Kerstin Wyndham-West, CDS Faculty and Debating Coach
    Last weekend, three students: Maeve Tebbutt (11), Anna Croxon (10) and Anaïs Leiva von Bovet (11) travelled to Winnipeg to compete in this year’s International Independent Schools' Public Speaking Competition co-hosted by Balmoral Hall School and The Gray Academy of Jewish Education. More than 140 students from 10 countries competed in their choice of three events.
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  • Top: Deirdre Tait, Caitlyn Tamane, Andrew Bartle, Bottom: Liz Duckett, Joshua Simmonds, Alanna Houston; Missing from the photo - Megan Lavis

    CDS Alumni Are Back in the Classroom!

    Whether you are touring the Junior School, stopping into Admissions, walking past a Senior School Math or Science class or Grade 10 Careers Class – CDS Alumni are back on campus and we are so happy to have them!
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  • DECA And a Passion for Music Inspire Student's Project

    DECA is an international association of high school and college students and teachers of marketing, management and entrepreneurship in business, finance, hospitality, and marketing sales and service. The organization prepares leaders and entrepreneurs for careers and education in marketing, finance, hospitality, management, and other business areas. Faculty advisor Laura Aldoroty has been involved with DECA since its implentation in 2011, and has traveled with students to places like Salt Lake City, Atlanta and Nashville to name a few.
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  • Portrait of a Grad Signage – Doug Coupland Style

    In 2014, we launched our Portrait of a Graduate video series, featuring Graduates who opened up to reveal who they are today and how CDS helped shape their character. After a year of faculty brainstorming and teamwork developing the components, in our final assembly of the year in May 2015, we introduced our Portrait of a CDS Graduate to the students, asking them to continue to question Who Will You Be? Each year as our students graduate, our hope is that they will leave us with these qualities at their core (below).
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  • October 6th Professional Development at CDS

    Tomorrow, our faculty will participate in a number of professional development sessions designed to further enhance life and learning at CDS. Here’s a brief glimpse of what’s in store for the day:
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  • Why Not Get Involved from the Start?

    Ready, set, go! It’s Day 2 and CDS students have jumped right back into their academic routine. As a
    school that values education with balance, we would like to encourage students in Grades 4-12 to get involved in an extra-curricular activity (or multiple) from the get go this year.

    Not only are extra-curricular activities a wonderful way to meet like-minded friends, but they also allow students to recalibrate after being in class all day and let off steam. Studies have demonstrated that extra-curricular involvement pursuits contribute to increased self-esteem and academic motivation, and better time management; a win-win for everyone!
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  • Our Grads are Going Places

    While they will always be Cyclones, our grads are about to become Tigers, Warriors, Golden Gaels and even Gryphons, at universities across Canada and around the world.
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  • Grad X Opening Reception Tonight!

    Grad X is the Grade 12 annual art exhibit, held this year from May 25 through June 16, in celebration of the culminating year of students in the visual arts program. The show is a collaboration of art works created by the Grade 12 art class and provides them with an opportunity to display their works to the public within the school gallery space.
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  • CDS Students Intent on Making their Mark in the Legal World

    The Country Day School mock trial team finished in 4th place out of 24 teams at the Judges’ Cup Mock Trial Tournament at the Newmarket Courthouse. The competition is the largest in Ontario and one of the few in Canada that holds its trials in real courtrooms in front of actual judges.
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  • Ten Years of World-Class Public Speaking and Debating

    Having qualified earlier this year to join the Canadian team of 15 participants from across the country, two CDS public speakers, Olivia Railton (Grade 12) and Maeve Tebbutt (Grade 10) travelled to Sydney, Australia in early April to compete in the World Individual Public Speaking and Debating Tournament, held at Ravenswood Girls’ School. This is the 10th consecutive year that CDS has sent either one or two representatives to this prestigious and challenging tournament.
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  • Connecting Beyond the Classroom - Authentic Language Learning

    One of the downfalls of learning a new language in the classroom is the lack of authenticity in practice and conversation. However, with the increase in conferencing technologies, it is becoming much easier to connect with people overseas, and have meaningful and real conversations in the target language - a vital condition for second language acquisition.
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  • Continuing the Conversation: The New MS/SS Report Card

    Over the next few years, CDS will further its long range plan commitment to develop stronger mechanisms of communication regarding student achievement and individual growth.
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  • Trinity De Simone (left), Olivia Railton (right)

    Two CDS Students Bound for Oxford Next Fall

    January 11th wasn’t an ordinary day for Trinity De Simone and Olivia Railton, Grade 12 students at The Country Day School. Both girls had had this date highlighted in their calendars for months. This was the day that all shortlisted candidates for Oxford University hear via email whether they had been accepted. By 7:00 a.m., both Trinity and Olivia were grinning from ear-to-ear.
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  • Learning Profiles: a key to supporting, knowing and inspiring our students

    As many of you know, one of our strategic outcomes is to support, know and inspire all our students. In some respects, the second of these verbs, to know, is an important precondition to achieving the other two. The reasoning is quite simple: if we know our students—their learning preferences, the areas of study that engage them and those at which they struggle, their learning strengths and weaknesses, and what they are truly passionate about—we are much more likely to find ways to inspire them and to provide the necessary support that will enable them to thrive at CDS and beyond.
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  • Knowing Our Learners: Relational Teaching

    Dave Harvey, Director of Academics, Middle & Senior Schools
    Acting on our new strategic direction to inspire, support and know all our learners, the Middle and Senior School Professional Development Day on October 7th was focused on the importance of relational teaching.
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  • Words of Inspiration

    Nadine MacMillan, Junior School Librarian
    The Junior School Library is a welcoming place where students can always find that perfect book to read in a comfy, cozy place; but it is also a place of exploration, research and discovery. Their learning is often based on questions that originate from the curriculum, as well as the world around them.
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  • Personalized Learning

    Following our long range plan commitment to support, know and inspire all of our students, the Middle/Senior School Professional Development activities in late August were decidedly focused on how we personalize learning in the classroom.
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